Harvard Professor Insists There Are Two Sexes, Colleague Is 'Appalled'

A diversity leader at Harvard University is speaking out against her coworker.

The issue: controversial statements made on Fox & Friends.

Last Wednesday, Carole Hooven — co-director of the college’s Department of Human Evolutionary Biology — shared her thoughts on a primary component of human existence.


Carole contended biological men and women are different.

As relayed by The College Fix, she was commenting on medical teachers’ reluctance to use terms such as “male” and “female.”

From her on-air interview:

“This kind of ideology has been infiltrating science. It’s infiltrating my classroom, to some extent. And the ideology seems to be that biology really isn’t as important as how somebody feels about themselves, or feels their sex to be.”

She asserted, “[T]he facts are that there are…two sexes — there are male and female — and those sexes are designated by the kind of gametes we produce.”

Don’t mistake Carole for a fuddy duddy — she added, “You know, we can treat people with respect and respect their gender identities and use their preferred pronouns.”

The instructor pointed out that culture’s current dictates are “incredibly confusing for science educators and for students trying to learn about the world and learn the tools of science and critical thinking.”

Nevertheless, it’s wrong to “start backing away from using certain terms that they are afraid people will find offensive.”

Furthermore, she lamented that critics will “shame people and even threaten to get [them] fired.”

Carole may not have yet been let go, but fellow Department of Human Evolutionary Biology Professor Laura Simone Lewis appears to surmise a serving of shame might be in order.


Laura took to Twitter to express her horror while fighting fear and harm:

“As the Director of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force for my department [Harvard Department of Human Evolutionary Biology], I am appalled and frustrated by the transphobic and harmful remarks made by a member of my department in this interview with Fox and Friends…”

Laura’s Twitter bio indicates the “Berkeley bred” academic is a “blewfish feminist mermaid” — which may or may not differ from a merman.

On the same day as her call-out of Carole, she offered the following:

“Let’s be clear: If you respect diverse gender identities & aim to use correct pronouns, then you would know that people with diverse genders/sexes can be pregnant including Trans men, intersex people & gender nonconforming people. That isn’t too hard for medical students to understand.”

Fellow feminist Christina Hoff Summers wasn’t impressed with Laura’s method of messaging:

Even so, Laura’s primed to fit the future.

After all, even the Biden administration’s given up on the notion of only women giving birth:


Signs are all around:

Still, Carole told The College Fix she’s sticking to dual sex differences:

“We can be caring and sensitive to the needs and identities of everyone, while also sticking to biological reality. I will continue to speak out when I think it might have some positive effect on science education and, ultimately, human thriving.”

“Some of the topics I teach about are sensitive and controversial, like our reproductive biology, the relationship of hormones to sex and gender, and the biological underpinnings of sex differences in behavior,” she wrote in an email to the outlet.

“As a graduate student, I was at times deeply offended and upset when encountering new ideas, especially ones with strong personal relevance… … But I had to learn how to put my emotions aside and dispassionately analyze evidence. This wasn’t easy, but learning how to do it ultimately empowered me and helped me to become a clearer thinker and a better scientist. I learned to think this way because of caring professors who treated me as a rational adult.”


We’re living in a time of war — that of words and their definitions.

Will “man” and “woman” ever mean what they once did?

That remains to be seen.

But if contemporary headlines are any indication, in the world of academia, we’re likely to see a lot more Lauras and considerably fewer Caroles.



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