Continuing the Pro-Vaxx Campaign, State University Offers Chances to Win $1,000 Scholarships

If you haven’t yet received your COVID vaccine, you’ve got an impressive set of ways to be paid for your service.

And if you’re a student at Illinois State University (ISU), one possibility is a hefty scholarship.


The school is nudging needles into arms with the chance to have $1,000 applied to participants’ education.

The campaign is following the state’s lead.

Last month, WGLT revealed the Illinois Lottery would be holding weekly drawings in July.

Up for grabs: prizes ranging from $100,000 to a cool mil — for vaccinated residents.

ISU is asking entrants to submit proof of vaccination if they wanna win — hopefuls have ’til August 16th.

To be clear, the university doesn’t require students to be vaccinated.

However, those who aren’t must submit to regular on-campus testing.

A school trying to convince students to get the shot is nothing new.

At Monmouth University, Fall 2021 guidelines require all non-vaccinated students to remain masked in all shared indoor spaces.

But the unvaxxed will only be mandatorily muzzled — per the official rules — “in all classroom, lab, and teaching spaces, as well as the library, for everyone in attendance… Individual faculty and support staff may also require students visiting their respective offices to be masked before meeting.”

At Rhodes College in Memphis, they’re taking a more direct approach: Anyone not vaccinated will fork over $1,500.

And it isn’t just education pushing people to get poked.


In May, a Las Vegas strip club hosted a vaccination clinic.

The perk: a one-year VIP Platinum Card.

And in Washington and California, they’re giving away joints for injections.

Back to Illinois State University, it’s also offering stuck students the chance to win $100 of credit for purchases at school.

One hundred scholarships will awarded.

Seventy-five lucky learners will score the hundred bucks.

As told to Campus Reform, student Eduardo Monk, Jr.’s not a fan of the promotion:

“Frankly, it’s sickening to watch as the school so gleefully tramples upon students’ right to personal health decisions through their inappropriate incentivization of vaccination. The school should not be taking such a hardline position on a choice that should be left solely [to] students.”

Still, surely many will appreciate the chance to cash in on COVID.

For ISU’s award-winning scholars, I suggest getting stuck in style.

From my March 30th article: is offering fantastic fashions so you can look like a big shot while you get the big shot.
And you won’t need to fiddle with your fabric to find a perfect place for the prick. …
The online retailer’s serving up just what the doctor ordered: “vaccine-ready” off-the-shoulder shirts.


Meanwhile, if you’re pursuing a degree and opposed to the inoculation, there’s an Ivy League university waiting for you:

And the crazy course of COVID continues….



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