Las Vegas Strip Club Hosts a COVID Vaccination Clinic

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In Las Vegas, they’re trying to strip people of their vulnerability.

By way of the COVID vaccine, that is.

As reported by ABC13, at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club over the weekend, something popped out up: a health clinic.


The outlet notes it was “an unconventional site for a walk-in vaccination” setup, but government officials are trying to address waning demand.

According to Southern Nevada Health District nurse JoAnna Rupiper, it’s one more way to seduce people into getting the shot.

The establishment’s manager, Ralph James, explained, “We decided to do it, to partner up with the Southern Nevada Health District, just because it was a fun idea.”

The appeal appears successful: Friday night saw 100 pricks at the club. Shots reached triple digits before it opened for business.

More from Ralph:

“We got lots of press. … And I feel like it’s getting people vaccinated that maybe were on the fence.”

He hopes the team-up helps America “get back to normal,” to “see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Certainly, where normalcy’s concerned, the last year’s been a race for recovery.

And strip clubs have really grabbed the baton since the pandemic landed in our laps.

As I covered in March of 2020, Vegas’ fully nude joint Little Darlings created a drive-thru for those suffering from that ol’ sneaky feelin’ but unable to skirt lockdown rules.

Slipping past restrictions, the club was also set to host “XXX nude hand sanitizer wrestling.”


Similarly, last May, Portland’s Lucky Devil Lounge offered drivers a bit of auto-erotic-as-fix-iation.

Drive-thru admission scored ogling idlers not only an eye full, but free toilet paper — due to the shortage.

One of the showgirls — Toxic — championed a triumph of art:

“It’s helped my mood and my anxiety and depression during this entire [situation] because I get to have some type of artistic expression again. It’s great to feel sexy ― I just feel really invigorated.”

Beyond that, club owner Shon Boulden had a business idea to defy the city’s “nonessential” nixing.

Employing his dancers, he put together a food delivery service wherein girls traded pullovers for pasties.

The name: Boober Eats.

Its adults-only logo was devilish.

Back to the pop-up, those who received a vaccine got more than just increased immunity. Participants were gifted a 1-year VIP Platinum Card.

Hustler’s website provides the perks and particulars:

  • Free Admission For You & 5 Guests
  • 20% OFF Your Bar Tab (if applicable)
  • VIP Wristbands (if applicable)
  • Exclusive VIP Party Invitations
  • 1 Year Membership
  • Good at any PARTICIPATING Hustler Club® / Deja Vu®-affiliated location worldwide

The strip-club strategy seems to have worked.

Just ask newly-inoculated Michael Myers.

He informed the Associated Press, “I was going to wait, I tell you that.”

But Lisa, his wife, said they could both go to the club for a boost.

The 70-year-old had a subsequent change of heart.

I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures. And in Las Vegas — amid a world-collapsing scourge — they’re trying to figure a way out.

Hence, an enterprising idea: Mix COVID…with NEKKID.



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