Pot-Legal Washington Offers a Free Joint With Your COVID Vaccination

Washington state is headed up by some original thinkers.

Hence, residents reluctant to get the COVID-19 vaccine have a bit of extra incentive, thanks to the Washington State Liquor and Cannibis Board.


As reported by The Olympian, the board boasts a “simple” offer.

Firstly, marijuana shops are being given the opportunity to host vaccination clinics.

And for those who patron a doobie dealer to get the vaccine, an extra treat’s in store.

Last week, the state announced it’d be providing people getting poked a chance at winning a million dollars.

But for those being injected where the devil sells his lettuce, there’s something more intoxicating than mere possibility.

The Olympian puts it thusly:

Get a COVID shot and a free joint, too.

Speaking to McCLatchy News, Liquor and Cannabis Board spokesman Brian Smith said a free pre-roll joint will be available to every individual 21 and over who takes their medicine.

The program came about after three dispensaries in the state suggested offering some sticky icky to bolster boosters.

I suppose they know their customer base.

The Olympian says there’s no reporting of how many dispensaries will partake of the program. But The Herbery (Vancouver), Apex (Spokane), and Uncle Ike’s (Seattle) — the businesses which proposed the idea — seem set to join in.

About the plan, I’ll say this: At least the Pacific Northwest Powers That Be understand an old saying:


“You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”

That might easily be contrasted with the Biden administration, which — so far as I can tell — has crafted a campaign to the effect of, “Get vaccinated, and then you’ll still have to wear a mask, stay away from people, and not do anything.”

Of course, Washington isn’t the only state trying to get creative with its COVID connivery.

As I covered last month, a Las Vegas strip club was playing home base to a vaccination clinic.

And Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club was gifting participants a 1-year VIP Platinum Card.

Its perks and particulars:

  • Free Admission For You & 5 Guests
  • 20% OFF Your Bar Tab (if applicable)
  • VIP Wristbands (if applicable)
  • Exclusive VIP Party Invitations
  • Good at any PARTICIPATING Hustler Club® / Deja Vu®-affiliated location worldwide

Is that better than a joint? Perhaps it depends on the patient.

On the Liquor and Cannabis Board’s website, a June 7th post makes the big announcement.

And get it while it’s hot:

Effective immediately, the LCB is providing a limited allowance for retail cannabis licensed businesses to offer COVID-19 vaccination clinics at the retail store, and offer one joint at no cost to customers who receive a COVID-19 vaccination at the promotional clinic. The allowance is optional for licensees, and will expire on July 12, 2021.


So if you’re in Washington and jonesing for a joint while in need of a needling, head to a participating pot shop and enjoy a h-ll of a medical breakthrough and a sample of Satan’s spinach.



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