COVID and Cannabis: California Town Offers Free Joints for Getting Jabbed

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A COVID shot?

Don’t mind if I doo…bie.

Magnificent minds in California have come up with a smokin’ promotion for the COVID-19 vaccine, and you can get yours soon near the surf.


As indicated at, the beach area will soon host a highly-recommended event for those waiting for just the right joint at which to get jabbed.

Or for which.

The announcement:

Community Groups, Cannabis Advocates Launch #Joints4JabsLBC to Encourage Safe and Healthy Recreation

Ohhhhh yeah.

Long Beach residents age 21+ who get vaccinated at the…Houghton Park will receive a token redeemable for one pre-roll to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations and safe cannabis use during the Summer months.

So if you’ve been itchin’ for the right incentive to keep your body from going to pot, take advantage of an ironic opportunity.

The campaign’s a joint venture:

Community based organizations with the Healthy Long Beach campaign in partnership with the Long Beach Collective Association (LBCA) will lawfully distribute tokens redeemable for one free pre-rolled joint…to Long Beach residents 21+ who get vaccinated at the…pop-up clinic.

The merry mary initiative’s name: “Joints for Jabs LBC.”

Get lit:

[T]he community effort aims to encourage equitable distribution of the COVID vaccine and promote safe practices for Long Beach residents to light up this Summer.

James Suazo, Executive Director with Long Beach Forward, hailed the high-end effort with a toast to toking:


“We all want to have a safe summer and enjoy one another’s company even as the pandemic continues on and recreation opens up. Cannabis is part of our Long Beach culture and to safely share a joint without contributing to the spread of COVID-19, we must all do our part to get vaccinated. With the delta variant becoming the dominant COVID-19 strain in Los Angeles County, we want our unvaccinated neighbors to catch a free marijuana strain instead so we can protect each other.”

My, how culture is coming along.

Not long ago, weed was wicked.

Consider (and please, I beg of you, watch) 1936’s Reefer Madness.

In the film, Lucifer’s lettuce leads to lurid licentiousness.

Indeed, Mephistopheles’s mustard greens manifest the making of a murder:

Ladies and gentlemen, an effect of the Angel of Darkness’s oregano, per the United States Government:

Best part of the movie: the driving scene — only a loaded lunatic would push the pedal to a Grim Reaper-tempting 48 miles-per-hour.

As for what they’re driving at in Long Beach, the California town isn’t the first to offer some sticky-icky for getting stuck.

As I covered last month, Washington state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board heralded a multi-dispensary program whereby a free pre-roll joint would be available to every vaccinated individual 21 and over,


Back to the #Joints4Jabs press release, don’t forget — the Prince of the Power of the Air’s arugula is medicine, too:

Remarked by the Long Beach Collective Association: “The LBCA supports public health efforts. Cannabis products provide safe access to alternative medicine. Supporting vaccination efforts for our communities falls in line with LBCA stance on promoting healthy living and prevention. The LBCA is excited to be a part of this community campaign.”

The one-day clinic will be held Saturday, July 24th.

I’m sure attendance will be high.



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