Dan Crenshaw Maims the Military's New Wokeness, Says America Has 'Had Enough'

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Dan Crenshaw has a thing or two to say about woke military recruitment.

Over the weekend, the Texas congressman slammed the service as it relates to political correctness, particularly regarding a United States Army marketing video.


As you’re likely aware, it’s a new look for American defense, not the least of which is accomplished by it being a cartoon:

Older ads were a bit harder-edged:

Perhaps more notably, America’s updated approach starkly contrasts that of Russia:

China looks to take a different angle as well:

That brings to mind a headline at — oddly — AmericanMilitaryNews.com: “Bill Maher Video: China Dominates World While US Busy with ‘Never-Ending Woke Competition.'”

As for the woke part, Crenshaw’s not crazy about it.

According to his Sunday social media post, the military needs to cancel its new consciousness:

“I hope the message to military leadership is clear: We aren’t going to stand by as our military becomes another institution crippled by woke political correctness.”

“No more Critical Race Theory,” he said, “no more identity politics, no more political witch hunts.”


The service is certainly seeing a new day.

As I covered in March, the Pentagon recently formed a Diversity and Inclusion Office.

And in February, the U.S. Navy added “antiracism” books to its official reading list.

Among them: How to Be an Antiracist and The New Jim Crow.

That same month, I relayed the Army’s regulated regalia refinement:

At the first of the year, Biden’s Secretary of Defense endorsed transgenderism in the military.

Also in January, an Army chaplain was placed under investigation for expressing opposition to such.

Back to Dan, the representative was responding to a tweet.

As it turns out, The GoArmy video’s Comments have been closed.

Per a spokeswoman for the Army Enterprise Marketing Office, the move followed a “significant uptick in negative commentary.”

We’re in mid-transformation. Among the service branches, some might say, “Be All You Can Be,” is nudging toward “Feel All You Can Feel.”


Perhaps the same could be said of several areas of late.

As for the military, many YouTube viewers are apparently Team Crenshaw.

The former Navy Seal bottom-lined it:

“We’ve had enough.”



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