Ivy League School Gives Birth to the 'Columbia Communism Club'

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  1. For those of you concerned that university culture’s grown dangerously right-wing, I bring exceeding relief.

As reported by The College Fix, an Ivy League school’s recently added a club to its roster.


Students at Columbia University have launched the Columbia Communism Club.

Hence, a “Columbia Communists” Instagram account, which is currently welcoming participants.

With 173 followers so far, the group celebrates something special:

[We’re] bringing accessible theory to Columbia students!

And it poses a tantalizing query:

Do you want to be a part of leftist discussion, engage in mutual aid, and better understand leftist theory?

“Join us today,” the page offered in March, “and be a part of the movement!”

For its symbol, the communist crew’s chosen Columbia’s famed crown, combined with a hammer and sickle.

It’s a bold move — to hear The Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Kotkin tell it, the economic system’s none too good:

[A] century of communism in power—with holdouts even now in Cuba, North Korea and China—has made clear the human cost of a political program bent on overthrowing capitalism. Again and again, the effort to eliminate markets and private property has brought about the deaths of an astounding number of people. Since 1917—in the Soviet Union, China, Mongolia, Eastern Europe, Indochina, Africa, Afghanistan and parts of Latin America—communism has claimed at least 65 million lives, according to the painstaking research of demographers.


If I understand correctly, a new generation’s of the general opinion that we’ve been doing nearly everything wrong for thousands of years.

Perhaps we’ve been doing communism the wrong way, but they’ll figure out how to do it just right.

Bill Maher has thoughts:

The Fix says it reached out to the club for comment.

It did the same with regard to the school.

Neither responded.

However, the Columbia Republicans had something to say:

The Columbia Communist Club’s establishment is not surprising to most on campus. It publicly reveals something we already know, the university fosters failed Marxist ideology. It’s ironic how students at an extremely selective, prestigious university with a 3 percent acceptance rate can preach communist theory.

The college is certainly on the ball where societal transformation’s concerned.

As I covered two months ago, it announced supplemental graduation ceremonies segregated by race.

Students’ options:

  • American Indian
  • Asian
  • “LGBTQIA+”
  • “Latinx”
  • Black
  • First-generation and/or low income

The pitch went thusly:

This registration page is for any graduating seniors of our undergraduate schools who would like to participate as graduates in our virtual ceremonies. Complementing our school- and University-wide ceremonies, these events provide a more intimate setting for students and guests to gather, incorporate meaningful cultural traditions and celebrate the specific contributions and achievements of their communities.


For those checking more than one identity box, services were scheduled at different times.

Not everyone was a fan.

Still, as for “going backward” — and eastward — Karl Marx is getting quite a boost as of late.

As you may know, Black Lives Matters co-founder Patrisse Cullors has stated she and partner Alicia Garza are “trained Marxists“:

Many Americans seem not to mind: In 2020, the organization scored $90 million in donations.

In another post, Columbia Communists announced its May 14th Zoom meeting.

We’ll be introducing ourselves, discussing the plans for the upcoming year, and answering any questions!


I guess we’ll see how it goes. But the group’s not without competition.

I give you Columbia’s Young Democratic Socialists of America:

Work it out, fellas.

Let the collegiate and communal socializing commence.



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