'A New Kind of Child Abuse': Rob Schneider Schools America - On Schools in America

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If liking Rob Schneider is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

But it has nothing to do with his politics.

I enjoy the guy because his movies have a lightness of touch and indulge in the joy of silliness.


And for acting chops, check out his performance in the great 50 First Dates.

But Rob’s got more up his sleeve than comedy: As it turns out, the entertainer’s a proponent of liberty.

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But if that doesn’t do it for ya, at least enjoy him as a dolphin:

Back here on land, Schneider tweeted out a Saturday message for those interested.

The topic: sending kids back to school.

As noted by The Daily Wire, he shared a video of a prepped classroom.

The original caption: “This is bad: Forest brook Elementary teacher Teresa Holmes recorded a video of her classroom which has 28 desks now armed with plexiglass shields,” said the Twitter account.”

Here’s what the actor had to say:

“We are witnessing a new kind of child abuse: bought and paid for with YOUR tax dollars. The collapse of public schools who follow this example will surely follow. History will not look back at this kindly.”


The teacher referenced “$5 million dollars worth of plexiglass.”

Additionally, Teresa asked: How’s she supposed to hear her students behind all those shields, or disinfect everything before each class?

As relayed by TDW, the CDC recently said kids can return to school — with masks, and without teachers having been vaccinated en masse.

From Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky to CNN Sunday:

“I’m a strong advocate of teachers receiving their vaccinations, but we don’t believe it’s a prerequisite for schools to reopen. We have in the guidance clear language that specifies that teachers that are at higher risk, teachers and students that are higher risk, and their families, should have options for virtual activities, virtual learning, virtual teaching.”

More on Masks, as she explained to Fox News:

“We are advocating, with the strict mitigation measures…including universal and mandatory masking as well as six-foot of distancing, that at least our K-5 children should be able to get back to school at least in a hybrid mode.”

As you may have heard, teachers unions aren’t big on the go-back.

In fact, some have labeled the effort white supremacy.

Meanwhile, a school system in Las Vegas is reuniting kids after a surge of suicide.


And a recent study indicated minimal transmission in kid-kid/kid-teacher viral transmission.

You know it’s bad when the students want to go back to school, but I suspect that’s strongly the case for the country’s isolated young. At the end of each summer, it was certainly never the case for me.

Then again, I played outside with my friends.

These days, I’m not sure youngsters know there is an outside.

Either way, here’s hoping for a return to normalcy.

If — that is — we can do it while avoiding racism.

Word is, it’s embedded in our math classes.

Good luck, kiddos. And America.

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