Will on-the-Ball Biden Reopen Schools Soon? A Certain Higher-up Says Not so Fast


According to many a conservative expectation, now that Biden’s in the White House, America will magically open back up.

No more economic alarm, no more pandemic pummeling.


Presto, change-O, the whole world is right.

But according to a certain leader of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, not so fast, Joe.

As you may have heard, American’s new Commander-in-Chief plans to swing the school doors:

From CNBC:

Biden previously announced that his administration will aim to help a majority of kindergarten-to-eighth-grade schools reopen within his first 100 days in office.

On Thursday, in conversation with the American Federation of Teachers — the nation’s 2nd largest teachers union — and the National Education Association, Dr. Anthony Fauci reckoned such a reopening revolution “may not happen.”

Fauci figures Joe’s serious:

“The President is taking very seriously the issue both from the students’ standpoint and from the teachers’ standpoint. And he really wants to, and believes, that the schools need to reopen in the next 100 days, essentially all K-8 schools within 100 days.”

Still…plans, schmans:

“That’s the goal. That may not happen. Because there may be mitigating circumstances. But what he really wants to do is everything within his power to help get to that.”

It seems a whole lot of folks would like to see regular classes resume.


Including this guy:

And there’s evidence in support of such a return: A new study reveals in-school transmission of the virus is “extremely rare.”

But teachers unions appear to prefer everyone not going back to normal work.

In fact, Pasco Association of Educators President Scott Wilson thinks a move to in-person instruction’s all about “white supremacy.”

And if you’re concerned about adolescent suicide — the prime reason a Nevada county’s sending its children back to socialization — Scott calls that “white privilege.”


Scott may be in luck, according to white guy Anthony.

But maybe not; as reported by The Daily Caller, there’s an approach in place.

And $130 billion:

The President’s “national strategy” for reopening schools prioritizes K-8 students and does not lay out a plan to open high schools. A White House spokesperson told the Daily Caller that younger children were prioritized because returning to in-person learning would help ease the burden of child care on families and allow parents to return to the workforce, and that “remote learning has been particularly difficult for younger children.” Included in the national strategy is $130 billion in funding to improve safety and increase testing in schools.

That’s a lot of money — even more than Anthony rakes in.

He recently told great guy Matthew McConaughey, “Matthew, no, I got zero (invested in vaccines). I am a government worker — I have a government salary.”

He’s right — according to The Daily Wire, between 2019-2024, the guy’ll only earn $2.5 million.

That’s more than Joe will make.

Still, let’s hope Biden’s booty’s enough motivation for him to make everything okay again — like we’ve been told he will:





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