'White Slavery': 'The View' Pictures GOP Leader as Slave to Master Trump, But They Really Missed a Great Opportunity

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Are you ready for some white slavery?

I’ve got some.

Or, rather, Donald Trump does.

As it turns out, as for the dastardly deeds The Donald’s purportedly put upon us, you can add enslaving Caucasians.


That, according to Ana Navarro.

As reported by Newsweek, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy flew to Florida for a Thursday meet-up with Mr. MAGA himself.

The purpose: A discussion of the erstwhile Commander-in-Chief backing 2022 GOP candidates.

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar was none too impressed — she shared a photo of the pair with an unflattering intro:

“I see, begging the loser insurrectionist to help them not lose again in 2022 is the strategy the GOP is going with.”


And on Friday’s episode of The View, co-host Joy Behar lamented the party’s continued link to Lucif Trump.

Courtesy of The Daily Caller:

“So House Minority Leader — the fabulous Kevin McCarthy — told Republicans to…‘Cut the crap and stop fighting with each other’ before he went down to Florida to kiss Trump’s ring, but Matt Gaetz, another lovely guy, didn’t get the memo — because he went down to Wyoming to trash Liz Cheney.”

Adding to the convo, political strategist Ana asserted it was a missed Elephant Party opportunity to “get rid of the cross that they have been bearing with Donald Trump, who has divided the [GOP] and opened it up for all sorts of nut jobs to come [in].”


The way she sees it, posh Mar-a-Lago has a kind of “vintage bordello look.”

But don’t let it fool you — it’s something substantially more sinister.

Navarro reckons the resort’s now the “Republican Mecca.”

So Kevin made his “pilgrimage.”

He likely had no choice — it seems the congressman’s a captive:

“I think it’s white slavery, what I just witnessed from Kevin McCarthy. He looks like he’s owned by his master, and his master is Donald Trump. It is pathetic.”

If I may say so, it’s Ana who missed her big chance.

The analogy was right there, and she blew it: Darth Maul going before The Emporer.




Of course, reality’s never as scary:

But in the House — to hear Nancy Pelosi tell it — the Dark Side really is brewing:

“I do believe — and I have said this all along — that we will probably need…more security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives, a threat that members are concerned about in addition to what is happening outside. … [W]e have members of Congress that want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress.”


Such was her message at a January 29th press conference (see more here)

It seems the Dems are in charge, and the Empire’s on the outs.

Nevertheless, of course, the pendulum will swing again.

And the GOP — with or without Trump in 2022 — is bound to be back in the mix.



Politics is nothing if not a slave to convention.

So onward we swing.



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