And the Award for Highest Taxpayer-Funded Government Employee Goes To...

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall — who’s the highest taypayer-funded federal employee of all?

If you guessed a certain staffer at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, you’ve got good instincts.


As it turns out, Anthony Fauci’s a very lucky man.

According to Forbes, in 2019, the big guy pulled in $417,608.

How many folks do you know making nearly half a mil…at 80 years old?

Good thing he’s wearing a mask — he’s got a lot to live for.

Still, no one’s perfect:

If we’re gettin’ down and dirty with the digits, there is one federal worker besting Anthony’s booty: Tennessee Valley Authority CEO Jeffrey Lyash.

But Fauci’s still Snow White: Jeffrey’s take isn’t solely compliments of the citizenry.

As reported by The Daily Wire, America’s COVID Commander’s been killin’ it quite a while: From 2010 through 2019, the Cornell University-educated MD raked in $3.6 million.

In 2014, he received a raise: $335,000 rocketed to $417,608.

Per the Wire, if no more increase comes around, 2019-2024 will turn out $2.5 Big Ones.

But here’s a quirk: The good doctor downplayed his dough during an August interview with Matthew McConaughey:

“Matthew, no, I got zero (invested in vaccines). I am a government worker — I have a government salary.”


Takeaway: Try to garner a government salary.

But don’t think the guy hasn’t worked his way up: He’s been hoofing it at the National Institutes of Health since 1968.

And he’s advised every Commander-in-Chief since Ronald Reagan.

Since then, there’ve been few bumps.

From TDW:

Despite the apolitical nature of his job, Fauci has arguably become a politicized and polarizing figure amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Former President Donald Trump publicly called him “a disaster” at one point, and Fauci recently gave an interview with The New York Times in which he criticized Trump.

He sure did:

“It isn’t like I took any pleasure in contradicting the president of the United States,” Fauci said. “I have a great deal of respect for the office. But I made a decision that I just had to. Otherwise I would be compromising my own integrity, and be giving a false message to the world. If I didn’t speak up, it would be almost tacit approval that what he was saying was OK,” he said.

Plus, he was pulling rank: Anthony snagged over $417,000 the year before.

The Donald — like every president since 2001 — was only offered $400,000.

And for all you history buffs, here’s a little income info courtesy of

John F. Kennedy donated his $100,000 salary to charity. He was the beneficiary of a multimillion-dollar trust fund. He also donated his salary while serving 14 years in Congress.

Herbert Hoover divided his salary between various charities. He gave some of it to his staff. Hoover’s net worth was around $4 million in 1913, worth about $105 million today.

George Washington donated his $25,000 salary. He used some of it for travel expenses. He needed a special chariot to take him through the rugged roads of the South. He had also foregone a salary while he was our nation’s military commander.

1909: William Taft received a $75,000 salary. It would be worth $2.15 million in 2020.


Nice goin’, Taft.

Still…you’re no Anthony Fauci.



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