Defund the Police: Chicago Gets Its Very Own Carjacking 'Epidemic'

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How’s Chicago doing lately?

Well, not super great.

Particularly for drivers.

Just walking around, your chance of getting shot is higher than a lot of other places.


But for those behind the wheel, there’s a particular threat.

As reported by The Daily Wire, Chi-Town’s suffering beneath the weight of a carjacking “epidemic.”

In fact, one such takeover was captured on video early Wednesday morning.

From CWB Chicago:

The 31-year-old victim was sitting in his [grey Mitsubishi Outlander] outside the former Sears Tower, 233 South Wacker, when a vehicle pulled up and two men got out. The offenders forced his door open, pointed a large black handgun at his forehead, and ordered him to hand over his phone and surrender control of his car, according to police.

The driver didn’t resist.

From there, both the Outlander and the 2nd vehicle (a black Dodge Journey) purportedly visited a 27-year old man who was walking along the street.

An assailant hopped out of the Journey and knocked him to the ground.

The bad guys took the guy’s keys and wallet.

To hear CBS Chicago tell it, stealing cars at gunpoint is all the rage in the Windy City:


This past weekend saw another rash of violent carjackings across the city – and that came after 2020 saw a jump of more than 135 percent in the number of carjackings compared to the year before.

Meanwhile, I’m assuming, #DefundThePolice.

Back in June, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the trendy slogan’s a “nice hashtag,” but the necessary discussion’s more nuanced.

“While Lightfoot may butt heads with the demands of ‘defund’ protesters, she seems to align with the principles in spirit,” Politico wrote at the time.

She must’ve gotten real spiritual: In October, Lori proposed a police budget cut of $80 million.

Speaking from City Hall in June, she said defunding’s about addressing disparity:

“[I] believe what we’re really talking about is what I ran on, and…it’s so important that we follow through on a commitment to the investments in black and brown neighborhoods that haven’t seen any investment, truly, in decades. What people are saying, I think, is in too many communities across our city, particularly black and brown Chicago, what they see every day is a manifestation of government is the police, what they want to see is a government who responds to the healthcare disparities, the life expectancy disparities. The fact that they can’t walk to the store and get a cup of coffee or a good bag of groceries. That they don’t feel like they’ve got a pipeline to good paying jobs. I agree with that.”


They’re also seeing things such as these:

The Wire notes it may be the case of a cabal:

The carjacking outside of Willis Tower was especially serious, Chicago police say, and they’re using footage, captured of the crime, to crack what appears to be a criminal ring.

“Chicago Police said these suspects are linked to other crimes over the past week in the city and suburbs and believe they are using the stolen cars to then rob businesses. They are also suspects in various shootings on the West Side,” ABC Chicago reported Thursday.


You’ve got some real problems, Chicago.

Whatever you’re doing…ya might wanna try somethin’ else.



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