The Response to Gillette's Insulting Ad from a Watch Company Is as Amazing as It Is Moving

Screenshot: YouTube

To say the razor company Gillette shot itself in the foot is an understatement on par with “the Hindenburg was a minor lesson on flammables.”

As I’ve been reporting, Gillette’s recent ad campaign telling men to be better was insulting and featured a ton of buzzwords and scenarios that only a feminist activist would find appealing. The reaction from the public was generally negative, especially from men.


Then it turned out that that the director and production company behind the upcoming Super Bowl commercial were, in fact, feminist activists who consistently put men down in their ads and make women out to be victims. In fact, they’ve had a radical feminist an ad in the Super Bowl before in the form of the Audi “what do I tell my daughter” commercial that was also negatively received.

It’s still not confirmed what Gillette was thinking by releasing such a socially consequential ad, but I speculated that Gillette owner Proctor & Gamble were trying to have their own Nike-like success based on Nike’s release of its Colin Kaepernick lead campaign which increased sales of their product dramatically. However, it’s likely that Gillette’s ad will have more of a Dick’s Sporting Goods ending, which saw the sports product chain tank in sales and stocks after their gun control push.

However, one brand was watching Gillette insult men with their negative ad and decided to release one of their own completely trouncing the narrative Gillette was trying to create.

Egard Watches decided that instead of putting down men, they would point out that men are not only brave and willing to sacrifice themselves, they’re also treated unfairly in a myriad of situations.

The video features men putting themselves in dangerous situations such as a firefighter carrying a girl out of a burning building and working dangerous jobs, as well as show a man in military garb. All the while, superimposed on the screen are facts about what today’s men face.


Facts such as “Men account for 93% of workplace fatalities,” and “75% of single homeless people are men.”

It also details that men make up 79% of homicides and that nearly half of fathers denied visitation rights to their children still financially support their children.

“Is a man vulnerable? Is a man disposable?” asks the narrator.

The video ends with Egard Watches stating “we see the good in men.”

This is the ad Gillette should have created, but it was too busy buying into the social justice nonsense of today in an attempt to generate woke ad dollars.

Egard Watches did an amazing job with their ad, and it’s good to see a company standing up for what’s right in the face of mainstream social pressure telling companies to buy into this social justice nonsense, or else.



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