Tucker: COVID's Wealth Gap Could Give Rise to President AOC - 'a Vacuous Idiot'

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“Distinguished members of the press, I give you President Vacuous Idiot.”

Might those words one day ring out?

Something of the like could indeed, according to Tucker Carlson.


On Friday, the Fox host claimed 2024 could see the rise of New Green Deal composer and cowfart fighter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

During the evening’s monologue, Tucker pointed out that 2020’s lockdown has exalted the biggest of businesses such as Netflix, Apple, and Walmart.

The result, as people are out of work or unable to run their small businesses? A growing wealth gap.

Therefore, he asserted, capitalism, to many, could “be discredited.”

The end result would be socialism, which was already off to a good start:

“There are already an awful lot of socialists around these days. Have you noticed that? Why is that?”

Because some people don’t know the meaning of the word?

His theory’s more complex:

“It’s because the people in charge of our economy are discrediting our system. They are giving capitalism a bad name. Because what they are participating in is not a market economy, a free open market economy. It’s a closed game, run for their own benefit, and their benefit alone. Long term, this is a disaster for all of us, and not even so far in the future.”

Thus, a certain former bartender — who’ll be eligible to run in 2024 — could ascend.


I may be reading too much in, but it seems Carlson’s not keen on the congresswoman:

“Now you may laugh at Sandy Cortez — and you should. She is a vacuous idiot, another rich girl narcissist with an overheated Twitter account. But that doesn’t mean she couldn’t win. If we keep up with this nonsense, this economic craziness, she could win.”

He’s got a point about the gap, thanks to heavy lockdowns across the land.

Remember March 16th’s “15 days to slow the spread?”

It turned out each “day” would last 18 days.

But the spread has indeed been slowed — the spread of cash among the masses.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s amassed massive money.

As I covered in July, founder Jeff Bezos made $13 billion in a single day.

At the time, I mourned the mall:

As someone who grew up in the age of mallrats, personally, I fear the rainforest-themed retailer is on its way to putting all other businesses out. And there’s no Sbarro at my computer desk.

Is there any way to stop Amazon’s roaring and soaring dominance?

The site was already killin’ it, and then the pandemic hit. And for many of those still holding onto the brick-and-mortar experience, it was Welcome to the Jungle.

Farewell, my beloved Boardwalk Fries.

Still, I’ll give Jeff his due — he had an idea, and he went with it.


What a difference 21 years make:

And what a difference 9 months do…or didn’t. We’re still shut-in to stop the spread. As a space between the top and bottom spreads, too.

And maybe the real green new deal is that the new deal is people are green with envy. Could those jealous Johns and Jennifers revenge-vote for President/Prime Minister Ocasio-Cortez?


“Ordinary taxpayers have suffered enough. Here’s the bottom line. The rich are getting richer. Everyone else is getting poorer. That’s not a talking point. It’s true and measurable. Why is it a problem? Because if it continues, we are going to wind up with an even more volatile society, in which everybody hates each other and is consumed by envy.”

Could socialism — the confiscation by government of all rights to own a business — take AOC to the White House?


As unlikely as that may appear, one thing can’t be denied: It carried her to Congress.

And according to Alexandria, 2024 would be perfect timing: Not only would she be the next president, but also — provided she gets a second term — the last:



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