Kentucky Town Elects a Dog as Mayor

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Do you think politics has gone to the dogs? In this case (and many, many others), you’re right.

A Kentucky town’s elected its new mayor, and he’s quite the headline-worthy hire.


For one thing, Wilbur Beast is French.

But perhaps more notably, he’s a dog.

Of the bull- type, which is, perhaps, fitting this election season.

According to the — wait for it — Rabbit Hash Historical Society, the town of the same name cast 13,143 ballots for Mr. Beast.

It’s the highest winning total the town’s ever seen.

You may assume Wilbur’s a door-opener — particularly the kind that hinges from the top — but Fox News notes he’s not Rabbit Hash’s first “canine-in-chief.”

Since the 1990’s, the few-hundred-folks Ohio River community has been raising funds by putting pooches in office.

Here’s Fox:

Rabbit Hash is known for its historic general store that dates back to the 19th century, but it was destroyed in a 2016 fire. The store has since been rebuilt, and the mayoral “election” is a fundraiser in which each dollar donated counts as a vote for the candidate of the donor’s choice.


So what does Wilbur have to say for himself? You can hound him for a comment, but you might as well be chasing your tail. Apparently, the guy only communicates through spokeswoman Amy Noland.

Speaking to Fox News, she thanked the local — and global — do-gooders that punched a ticket in his hopefully flea-free favor:

“It’s an exciting adventure and a deeply meaningful cause to preserve the river hamlet town of Rabbit Hash, Ky. The town welcomes visitors and will continue to provide fun events for all ages to come experience the nostalgia and charm we have to offer.”

Dogs are certainly doing big things these days. In March, I covered the story of Alberto Tito Alejandro, who was arrested for teaching his pit bull how to drive.

And last November, a mutt in Florida took a sedan for a spin…for an hour:

Back to Rabbit Hash, Wilbur’s win didn’t come easy. The dogged candidate had to virtually paw his way to the top.

Competition was ruff: Setting a town record, more than 22,000 votes were cast.


Also in the top three: beagle Jack Rabbit and golden retriever Poppy, who’ll both serve as town ambassadurs.

More from Fox:

[S]ome public events will be planned in the future. In the meantime, [Wilbur’s] rep encouraged anyone interested to reach out on social media, promising that he’ll be “all ears.”

As for his breed, I said perhaps its fitting. But maybe next time around, the Kentucky town will really bullseye the business of governing — and elect a bulldog-shih tzu mix.



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