Dog Day Afternoon: A Man is Arrested for Teaching His Pit Bull How to Drive

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Emergency vehicles fill the parking lot at the Princess Anne Middle School in Virginia Beach, Va, on Friday, May 31, 2019. A longtime city employee opened fire at a municipal building in Virginia Beach on Friday, killing 11 people before police shot and killed him, authorities said. Six other people were wounded in the shooting, including a police officer whose bulletproof vest saved his life, said Virginia Beach Police Chief James Cervera. (AP Photo/Vicki Cronis-Nohe)




Everyone needs to learn to drive eventually, and for one amateur instructor in Washington state, sometimes that person is a dog.

As reported by AFP, on Sunday afternoon, cops received multiple calls about a driver hitting two vehicles south of Seattle and then racing off.

State trooper Heather Axtman said emergency services were also informed of an automobile speeding erratically at rates up to 100 miles per hour.
A police chase ensued, and when the fuzz got close to the car — a 1996 Buick — they got a look at the doggone driver.

At the wheel was a pit bull.

The motoring mutt’s 51-year-old passenger was evidently and awkwardly steering and pressing the gas pedal from his side of the cabin.

Law enforcement laid spike strips across the road, which finally stopped the fleeing fleabag.

When the pursued pooch parked, officers arrested wingman Alberto Tito Alejandro.

He was booked on multiple felonies, driving under the influence of drugs among them.

But it turned out he was only trying to help.

From Trooper Heather:

“When we took him into custody…he admitted…that he was trying to teach his dog to drive.”


Well, she’s gotta learn sometime.

And as for the traffic collisions, to make an omelette, ya gotta break a few eggs.

But Heather thought the whole thing was just an eggscuse:

“I’ve been a trooper for almost 10 years and I’ve had a lot of excuses when I’ve arrested people or pulled people over, but I’ve never had an excuse that the dog was driving.”

The mongrel must’ve called shotgun, so Alberto decided it was time to teach her a valuable skill.

The tail-wagging trainee — who wasn’t aggressive toward the cops — has been taken to an animal shelter.

Hopefully, she’ll be released soon on her own recognizance, so she can four-wheel it on over to the jail and bail out Alberto.

Amid the pandemic, you’re guaranteed to see some strange things.

So if you pull up at a stoplight beside a dog with its paws at 10 and 2, that’s probably just Alberto’s companion making a toilet paper run.

Carry on.



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