Adam Carolla: In Lieu of the Predicted Blue Wave, Voters Revolted Against the Media Crying Wolf - and 'Racist'

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What will be the final word on the election? That remains to be seen.

But one thing’s for sure: Anticipating a revolution, the media was far, far wrong.

And Thursday, Adam Carolla pointed it out.


Adam occupies an interesting place in the entertainment ether: He’s a comedian who apparently found out late he’s actually somewhat of a conservative.

To him, his views aren’t excessively political; they’re merely common sense.

And that sense is widespread—he’s a great friend to both conservative Dennis Prager and outspoken left-winger Jimmy Kimmel.

Speaking to Fox and Friends on the 5th, the man who defies narrow categorization said the liberal media have spent years crying wolf.

The way he sees it, the MSM has gone limp:

“What’s happened is CNN and The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times, they’ve lost their fastball, they’ve been pitching this crap for five years now and, at a certain point, you can only cry wolf so many times.”

He noted there’s been perpetual repetition of the same incendiary allegation, and he’s certainly correct that it’s been unrelenting.

To Adam’s way of thinking, when that’s the case, the accused will eventually revolt:

“How many times can you call someone racist, how many times can you call a party racist, how many times can you call people racist before people stop listening and actually push back the other direction?”

The press has certainly seemed committed to solving that riddle.

And regardless of how the election is decided, as acknowledged by Fox News, the fact remains the much-touted blue wave never came near the shore.


Here’s Fox:

“The media were wrong because it was a mixture of wishful thinking and propaganda designed to influence the result. The people they most influenced were themselves and their leftist allies,” Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told Fox News.

Gainor said the mainstream media spent four years “pretending they were neutral” while “spouting lies” about Trump — even calling him an agent for Russia.

“The press promoted polls they told us were absolutely showing Trump and the GOP were going to get destroyed,” Gainor continued. “Yet, here we are with a close election once more. Polling and especially ‘news’ based on it is like looking in a crystal ball, in a dark room, at night while wearing a blindfold.”

As for the wavelessness, Rachel Maddow observed the same Wednesday, perhaps while skipping a rock across the still water:

“It’s been remarkable to see the stability not only between the 2016 and 2020 presidential map, but also in congressional races and Senate races up and down. On either side, you’re not seeing – not only no wave, it’s like a pond where you drop in a rock and there’s no ripples.”

That evening, Meghan McCain asserted the same:

“The big loser tonight are the pollsters and most of the media who no one will ever believe anymore.”


Back to Adam, the guy’s common sense is often powerful. Check out his testimony to Congress about freedom of speech on college campuses:

Enjoy his documentary with Dennis Prager, No Safes Spaces.

Apropos, in lieu of a Blue wave, I hope the next season of our country sees a red, white and blue one — of returning liberty. No matter which way the White House soon goes.


[BONUS: If you really want a rousing good time, witness Carolla’s incredible interview with then-Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (it crescendos somethin’ fierce).]


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