Rochester Mob: 'If They Don’t Give Us Our [Expletive], We’ll Shut [Expletive] Down!'

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This weekend in Rochester, protestors placed their order.

The mob was in quite an unruly mood. As RedState’s Nick Arama put it, “They not only smashed windows and set things on fire; they stormed into the restaurants demanding the businesses shut down, smashing dishes, overturning tables, threatening and intimidating diners, some of whom fled in terror in some very disturbing videos.”

You’ve no doubt heard of an “If-Then” statement. The rioters released their own, and it was a doozy:

“If they don’t give us our sh-t, we’ll shut sh-t down!”

In my opinion, making threats in the streets rather than pursuing legislative change is a logical extension.

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, mobs took to the streets of New York, smashing store windows and looting all within. They ravaged what they wanted, possessed what they wanted, wherever and however they preferred.

Suddenly, the world was theirs for the taking, in an unprecedentedly literal way.

And many in government — plus far more among the media — fell only slightly short of shaking pom-poms.

Now we’re here:

Of course, the national mob is multiracial, its motives and goals — aside from general chaos — a bit unclear.

But as for reparations for black Americans — an increasingly hot topic — the Democrat & Chronicle reports activist attorney Danielle Ponder addressed protestors in front of the Rochester Public Safety Building Sunday, trumpeting the notion.

Danielle contended it could decrease property crimes.

Here’s her reasoning:

“Why do we have property crimes? Because people are living in poverty.”

She also asked, “What if we had the drug rehabilitation centers that rich people have? … What if gave reparations to the black community?”

The lawyer would like a lot to happen:

“Because people are dealing with drug addictions. What if we had the drug rehabilitation centers that rich people have? … What if we gave reparations to the black community? What if we ensure everyone is making a living wage so they can take care of their children?”

Are threats the way to affect that change?

It seems to me the nation is going to respond to the mob and its dictates by shutting it down or giving in out of fear.

What I believe won’t occur is neither: Anarchy isn’t sustainable. And if America goes the route of rejection, I hope it’s law enforcement which brings order in the streets. Otherwise, it will be the citizenry. And that’s no good for anyone.

If there’s one thing which needs to be “shut down,” it’s our present lack of civility. An unsafe America isn’t America at all.

I predict demands aren’t met. But who knows — especially if Joe Biden’s elected.

But something has to give. Let’s hope it gives way to peace.



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