Siri Tells the World Israel Is the 'Zionist Occupation State'



“Hey, Alexa, what’s an easy way to trick readers into sending me millions of dollars?”

Oh — sorry. Didn’t realize you were reading this.


But in case you didn’t know, Siri can’t be trusted.

According to Israel’s i24 News Saturday, those asking Apple’s information maven about Israeli President Reuven Rivlin got quite the education.

As it turns, the voice of iOS five-fingers a lot of her information from Wikipedia.

And someone changed Reuven’s page.

If you weren’t aware, Reuven was elected in 2014, having served previously as speaker of Knesset — the Israeli parliament.

But apparently, over the weekend, a shady editor changed the leader’s Wikipedia info — and, subsequently, Siri’s biography for him — to “the President of the Zionist occupation state.”

Twitter lit up with the foul-up (language warning):

Brandon loved it:

Faisal’s on board:

And there was this:

Plus more:




Al Chemist thought the Fab Four would be psyched:

Others were less enthusiastic:

Google got caught, too:

The Daily Caller points out it isn’t the first time something like this has happened:

Google users experienced a similar problem in 2018. Google reportedly blamed Wikipedia that year when the company identified one of the ideologies of the California Republican Party as “Nazism” on its popular search platform.

The problem happens when “people vandalize public information sources, like Wikipedia, which can impact the information that appears in search,” Google told the DCNF in a May 2018 report explaining why the company described the California GOP as a fascist group.


A rep for the search engine explained:

“We have systems in place that catch vandalism before it impacts search results, but occasionally errors get through…”

They sure do.

More from TDC:

The same problem happened again in November 2018, when Google search results for the National Federation of Republican Women displayed the organization’s name instead as the “National Federation of Republican Enablers.” Google cited a Wikipedia editor as the culprit.

Oh, well. In light of the controversy, someone had a novel idea:



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