Alyssa Milano Meets 'Caricature of a Villain' Ted Cruz to Find Out if He's 'Really a Human with a Heartbeat'

[Screenshot from The Hill via Twitter,]
[Screenshot from The Hill via Twitter,]


Alyssa Milano’s trajectory is certainly an unusual one.


The television actress appears to have, for some reason, appointed herself as a political leader.

Beyond that, she’s my personal heartbreak: What began with polite expressions of political views has evolved into — if I may say so — rude shouts from someone who appears to have a messiah complex.

And her method’s a surprise as well: I’d assume an actress wanting to transform into a very loud voice telling the world how it’s supposed be would first research the issues tirelessly — which is to say, research all sides and talk to all different people in order to understand them.

Rather, she appears to have taken the approach of, “What do congressional Democrats say? Okay, I’ll just go around saying that.”

Respectfully, she appears to have limited her exposure to the box of Hollywood Democrat, prohibiting any notion of the rest of the world, of those who think differently, of other ideas or the reasons for them. Or, to a degree, even the existence of those people and things.

Apropos, here are a few moves by my long lost Samantha Micelli, who appears to believe the feds have banned immigrants:


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On Tuesday, the Who’s the Boss star got together with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz following a tweeted challenge between the two. The purpose: to discuss gun control.

At the meet-up, Alyssa explained herself to Ted:

“I’m a mom, I have two children. You’re a dad…I look at my children and want to give them everything, all the greatest possibilities. I look at my children and I’m terrified. I don’t know how to keep my children safe, and it’s terrifying. And I think parents across the country feel this way.”

Of course, a way that won’t keep her children safe is to prevent innocent people (including her) from defending themselves.


Here’s what Milano had to say right after their conversation:

She followed with this:

So did the meeting change anything? Well, no — a congressman meeting with an actress doesn’t change anything, ’cause it’s a congressman meeting with an actress.

But for Alyssa, perhaps the meeting was monumental. Given many of the things she’s said — in interviews, in public, and on social media — she may have never met anyone outside a Dentyne-sized area of political ideology.


For more on that, consider this actual quote from her during the Ted talk:

“Your stance has made you almost like this caricature of a villain, and that’s why this meeting was so important for me, because I wanted to look at you in the eye and know that you’re really a human with a heartbeat.”

Ted won election to the Senate. Twice. And he was next in line — behind Trump — to snag the Republican nomination last time around. Yet, in Alyssa’s mind, it seems, she’s the regular one, and he’s this mystical creature people imagine as unreal.

Want something more? Here’s a Tweet from Wednesday. If you can reconcile this with all the other things she’s said and done, I look forward to hearing from you in the Comments section.




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