Over the Weekend, Law Enforcement Stopped Three Different Potential Mass Shootings. Take a Look at What's Brewing in America



Over the weekend, American law enforcement halted what might’ve become three separate mass shootings.

Thanks to a vigilant public, arrests took place in Florida, Ohio, and Connecticut.


In one instance, the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center received a tip that Connecticut resident Brandon Wagshol wanted to purchase large-capacity magazines from out of state.

An investigation revealed the 22-year-old was also buying rifle parts on the web in order to build his own method of mayhem.

Special Services met him outside his home on August 14th.

In addition to Brandon, officials took into custody a .40 caliber handgun and a .22 caliber rife which were registered in his dad’s name.

Where I come from, none of that would necessarily be particularly suspicious.

But, according to the Norwalk Police Department, officers also found the following: body armor, a rifle with a laser scope, a titanium plate, firearm flashlight, camo gear, a ballistic helmet, tactical gloves, computers and a camouflage bag, and several .22 caliber, .40 caliber, and .300 Blackout ammunition rounds.

Additionally, they confiscated illegal large-capacity mags, for which he received four counts of possession.


In Daytona Beach, cops arrested Tristan Scott Wix.

He was hit with a charge of making written threats to kill.

In text messages, the 25-year-old threatened to slaughter more innocents than ever before in world history. From the Volusia Sheriff’s Department:


Tristan Scott Wix, 25 (DOB 7/20/1994), of Botefuhr Avenue in Daytona Beach, was arrested Friday after sending several text messages that included:

“A school is a weak target.. id be more likely to open fire on a large crowd of people from over 3 miles away.. I’d wanna break a world record for longest confirmed kill ever.”

“I wanna open fire on a large crowd of people from over 3 miles away before I die and I need a spotter (laughing cry face emoji)”

“What you wanna do after the fact, is your own business, if you want to plan to escape we can work on that. But I don’t intend on walking away alive, unless I see it fit.”

“But a good 100 kills would be nice. I already have a location (laughing cry face emoji) is that bad?”

“Ah well even if you told someone, me saying I wanna do it and think about it is not the same as actually doing it lol. Was kinda hoping someone would come into my life worth not doing it for, for the sake of all those people (laughing cry face emoji). I’m not crazy I just wanna die and I wanna have fun doing it, but I’m the most patient person in the world.”


Also on Friday, in New Middletown, Ohio, police arrested 20-year-old James P. Reardon on charges of aggravated menacing and telecommunications harassment.

As per USA today, the FBI was advised of James’s Instagram video featuring a man firing a semi-auto as screams and sirens filled the background. ABC News reports that he tagged the Jewish Community Center of Youngstown.


James added the caption, “Police identified the Youngstown Jewish Family Community shooter as local white nationalist Seamus O’Rearedon.”

Officers searched James’s home, where they found anti-Semitic information as well as guns ‘n’ ammo.

Nwe Middletown Police Chief Vince D’Egidio summed up a whole lot with a very simple statement:

“That kicked off an intense investigation, a very rapidly evolving investigation, because of the way the world is.”

Quite the summary indeed.

As readers will no doubt observe, Brandon Wagshol’s only crime was related to magazines. Regarding his other property, there’s nothing illegal about being a collector of guns or tactical gear. Still, it may be said, while they’re at it, there’s nothing wrong with considering his potential plans for their use. To whatever degree the actions above possibly prevented tragedy, thanks to the American public and its institutions of law enforcement for saving those lives.


At the same time, though, it’s a shame we all have to work so hard. As the media seems powerfully convicted to constantly remind us, none of this would’ve ever happened, if not for the election of the insidious Donald J. Trump.



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