Adam Sandler Returns to Host SNL, Brings Back an Iconic Character to Roast the 2020 Dems


On Saturday night, Adam Sandler brought back more than silliness to SNL; he also delivered balance.

As I covered in April, the show used to take a fun approach to politics — please see that article here, along with a hilarious take on Ronald Reagan which, though being satire, lacked malice. To put it another way: The actors involved in that skit could’ve easily been guests at the White House afterward without it being awkward.


The same was true of Dana Carvey’s legendary portrayal of Bush Sr. in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

In fact, Dana was invited to the White House and indeed did meet the President many times, who joked with him about his impression. Watch a touching video highlighting that startling contrast to present day at the bottom of this article.

From the 2016 election onward, we’ve seen the show become decidedly Democratic, expressing sorrow over the November results and apparent hostility over that real estate guy’s ascension.

In Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump, there’s an uncomfortable seething rage.

But leave it to a guy who understands the lightness of comedy — and also isn’t exactly known for left-wing leanings — to bring back an even-handed and lighter-hearted touch.

Adam returned to host the show, and he gave us the gift of one of his most famous characters from a classic era of Saturday Night Live.

In the process, he took aim at Democrats in a hilarious way while serving up Trump jokes all the same. This is a glimpse into the show I wish we’d been seeing over these past three anti-Donald years.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you a musical icon.

For your listening and viewing pleasure, Opera Man:

Thank you, Lorne Michaels and Adam Sandler, for delivering the goods.

And check out Adam’s new movie, Murder Mystery, debuting on Netflix June 14th.


What’s your favorite era or sketch from SNL? I look forward to finding out in the Comments section.



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