President Trump Keeps His Awesome Promise to a 95-Year-Old Veteran



On Thursday, the President hosted four veterans of World War II, following up on a birthday promise he made to Allen Jones in June.

Upon meeting the Commander-in-Chief onstage at the VFW’s annual national convention in Kansas City last year, Allen said, “I’m going to be 95 years of age on April 11 of next year. Hopefully, you will allow me to bring my family into the Oval Office to meet you.”


“Yes!” Trump replied.

Allen wasn’t done:

“One last thing, Mr. President: I ask you to autograph this picture personally, because this was taken with you when you were running for election as President of the United States.”

After the autograph, Trump walked the retired sergeant to the edge of the stage.

The encounter ended with a startling statement from the Leader of the Free World:

“This is a president that will have you in the Oval Office…with honor.”

On Thursday, that promise was fulfilled. Allen was welcomed into the White House — along with WWII vets Sidney Walton, Floyd Wigfield, and 103-year-old Paul Kriner.

Now that’s a president.

But moreso, those are heroes — men who risked their lives, back when Americans fought willingly out of love for their country. At a time when both sides of the political aisle applauded them. The Greatest Generation.


Thank you for your service, Mr. Jones, Mr. Kriner, Mr. Wigfield, and Mr. Walton.

And thank you, Mr. Trump, for honoring them all.


**For another great promise-keeping moment from the President, see the moving story of a terminally ill man here.


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