Sad Sack: Man Sets Record in NCAA Women's Track -- And He's Headed for the March Championships



CeCe Telfer is FAST…for a girl. Like, really fast. For a girl.

CeCe’s also really muscular. For a girl. With a lot of testosterone. For a girl.


CeCe has a very substantial penis. For a girl.

Because CeCe Telfer is a man. He’s really mannish, for a girl. But he’s even mannish for a guy, at least to the degree that’s dictated by the fact that he’s a dude.

And that dude is one of the fastest sprinters in NCAA women’s track.

That dude attends New Hampshire’s Franklin Pierce University.

That dude was surely doing well when he ran men’s track.

But when he switched to women’s sports in 2018, lookout, Jack!

Now, senior CeCe is killin’ it in the Division II 55-meter dash and 55-meter hurdle.

He led the school’s women’s team into the top 25 rankings for the first time in history. It’s now ranked #14.

Here’s a February 14th snippet from the school newspaper:

Senior CeCe Telfer (Lebanon, N.H.) won three Northeast-10 Conference titles on Sunday, to lead the Franklin Pierce University women’s track & field team and earn Most Outstanding Track Athlete honors at the NE10 Championships, hosted by American International College, on the campus of Smith College.

At the meet, CeCe broke the conference finals record and qualified for three events at March’s NCAA championships.

I wonder if that record was documented as “Best Man in the Women’s Division.” That would make sense.


As recently as January of last year, CeCe raced against men, his name being changed from Craig toward the end of his time breaknecking it with the bros. Therefore, for a bit, “CeCe” competed as a guy. But then he decided to see if he could dust the chicks.

As per NCAA rules, a man can compete with women if he takes testosterone suppressors for a full calendar year.

Let’s talk about this:

You’re a guy. With superior speed, size, and strength, compared to an all-other-things-being-equal girl. So you have an idea: You’d like to take drugs to make you crappier at being fast and strong, and then compete with people who have that same deficiency.

Why would anyone do that??

Does CeCe have an advantage over those breasted, ovaried, hoofing foes? Not according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

In 2011, the NCAA published this analysis of gentlemen competing against ladies:

Concern about creating an “unfair competitive advantage” on sex-separated teams is one of the most often cited reasons for resistance to the participation of transgender student-athletes. This concern is cited most often in discussions about transgender women competing on a women’s team. Some advocates for gender equality in college sports are concerned that allowing transgender women — that is, male-to-female transgender athletes who were born male, but who identify as female — to compete on women’s teams will take away opportunities for women, or that transgender women will have a competitive advantage over other women competitors.

These concerns are based on three assumptions: one, that transgender women are not “real” women and therefore not deserving of an equal competitive opportunity; two, that being born with a male body automatically gives a transgender woman an unfair advantage when competing against non-transgender women; and three, that men might be tempted to pretend to be transgender in order to compete in competition with women.

These assumptions are not well founded.


Well there ya go.

A question: What does it mean to “pretend” to be transgender, when to be transgender is to pretend to be the opposite sex?

Moving on:

Where are all the women’s rights people? With this case as well? Fair and interesting competition is being corrupted by dudes cheapshotting female athletes.

The Left is missing a fantastic chance to be 100% correct: A swinging, pendulous sack during a for-women-only race is indeed toxic masculinity.

But it’s all crickets over there. And so, for CeCe Telfer and the NCAA, the freedom to embrace one’s truth resoundingly chimes. Liberty rings. And it’s a sound that’s unmistakable, a reverberating onomatopoeia: DONG.



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