Lesbian Couple Identifying as Straight Couple Prepares to Transition 5-Yr-Old Son Into a Daughter



Meet Greg and Jody, a married couple in Britain.

Husband Greg is a woman, as is wife Jody.

27-year-old Greg identifies as male. She also identifies as step-dad — to 21-year-old Jody’s son, Jayden.


The couple says their 5-year-old enjoys dresses and hates “everything about being a boy.”

Therefore, they’ve put Jayden on track to “transition” into a girl in just a few years.

And currently, they’re miffed. Greg told the Daily Record all about it:

“We’ve had people saying we’re using Jayden for attention and that she just wants to be a girl because I changed sex. It’s ridiculous. Jayden knows nothing about my past. She just knows me as dad.”

Greg said Jayden is “adamant she is a girl.” Furthermore:

“They say it’s cruel we let her wear a dress but is it not more cruel to do nothing when you’ve got a kid who’s so adamant she’s a girl she’s ripping her hair off and banging her head off the walls?”


Apparently, some people concerned about the situation — “trolls,” as per the Daily Record — called social services with claims of child abuse. Officials visited the family’s home, and — according to Jody — they saw that “Jayden is well looked after and (so now they) have no concerns.”

The little tyke initially had hearing issues, which required an operation. Immediately afterward, he let his parents know:


“I hate wearing boys’ clothes and everything about being a boy.”

At first, the couple thought it might just be a phase, but no more.

Jody laid it out:

“All we want is Jayden to be happy and proud of who she is, whatever that might be.”

Thus, Jayden’s parents’ve signed him up for counseling at the Young People’s Gender Service. He’s too young for hormone treatment at the moment, but that’ll be a non-issue shortly.

We ain’t in 1986 anymore, Toto.

It looks like the state is readying to support Jayden on his journey as a girl. As reported by Heart.com:

Brighton and Hove council advised schools that ‘menstruation must include all genders’ in addition to sanitary bins in the boys restrooms.

Boys will be told they can also have periods as part of new guidelines for a more inclusive sexual education.

Brighton and Hove council have issued the advice to teachers in a bid to tackle the stigma around menstruation, in a document which claims: “menstruation must be inclusive of all genders” adding that “trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods.”

Greg and Jody, by the way, got together three years ago after meeting online. Greg informed ol’ Jo that she’d become a man at age 16 (but I don’t think she meant it in the Bon Jovi kind of way). Jody was cool with it. She explained:


“I had no fears. He’s just a typical man.”

That’s exactly what this story needed: the word “typical.”



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