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“Hey, baby. Wanna hang out? Maybe we could walk down to the Student Center, grab a Coke, and have an abortion…Whaddaya say?”

These words will soon be possible on the campus of Yale University.

The student government at the prestigious school has voted to install a vending machine in a central location that — instead of dropping Doritos — will dispense Plan B, the emergency contraceptive that serves in some cases as an abortion drug.

The machine will be located at the school’s Good Life Center.

Plan B’s official purpose is to prevent pregnancy after sexual activity. However, some claim it’s also an abortion pill — due to this, as stated by Texas Right to Life:

Plan B is being deceptively marketed as emergency contraception rather than an abortion pill.  With a similar chemical make-up as RU-486 and warnings hidden within its own product information, there is no question that Plan B can terminate a pregnancy.  Pro-Life activists must continue to educate the public about the true nature of Plan B, and prevent its spread among medical clinics across the nation.

Plan B can be taken up to three days after conception.  The Plan B product information indicates that the main purpose of the drug is to prevent ovulation or fertilization, but the statement that fully reveals the danger of Plan B reads, “In addition, it may inhibit implantation (by altering the endometrium).”  This means that Plan B can prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to a woman’s womb by causing the lining to thin.  Plan B is thus denying the fertilized egg to obtain the nutrients it needs to survive.  Dr. Donna Harrison, a board member of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, told OneNewsNow.com in an interview, “In a woman who is already pregnant, [Plan B] will cause an abortion, just like RU-486 does, because it’s the same kind of drug.”


Explaining the benefits of using a vending machine instead of the old paradigm of having to consult university health services, the Yale Daily News reported thusly:

Emergency contraception helps to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or birth control failure. Grace Cheung, 21, who first proposed the idea of a Plan B vending machine last fall, emphasized that unprotected sex frequently occurs on campus and purchasing emergency contraception can be an inconvenient and “humiliating process.” Cheung also noted that documents on the Yale Health website present unclear information about emergency contraception.

More humiliating than standing at the vending machine, waiting for your sex pill to drop?

“The point of this is to make Plan B more accessible and to make medications in general more accessible,” said Ileana Valdez ’21, a Yale College Council representative who spearheaded the installation effort. “Hopefully this will set a precedent for more machines to show up around campus that contain other things so Yale students don’t have to go out of their way to go to CVS, especially students from the new colleges.”

Cheung and Valdez said that students have had varying experiences at Yale Health when trying to obtain Plan B for free, and many students are unaware that emergency contraception is supposed to be free. According to the YCC’s fall survey data, over 75 percent of student respondents said they were unaware that Yale Health offers emergency contraception 24/7 and for free.



The whole vending machine issue aside, is this really what universities should be doing? Supplying post-intercourse capsules? What ever happened to just the secondary educational purity of classes and information? You know — the whole supposed point of college.

But they didn’t ask my opinion. So if a Yale student needs to take care of business post-business — including terminating a pregnancy — from now on, it’s gonna look like this:


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