Red Hen Reopening: Will the Joint that Jilted Sarah Sanders Survive?



Great news for those who’d like to patronage the restaurant that kicked out Sarah Huckabee Sanders: as of Thursday night, it’s back in business.


Back, that is, after two weeks of closure due to protests.

As the Lexington, Virginia joint reopened its doors, people lined up across the street to continue their charge against the chicken.

One man told USA Today, “This’ll be closed within a year!”

It’ll be interesting to see if he’s right. Can outrage outlast the desire for delicious Democratic drumsticks?

By the way…

Food for thought — this is from a Google review last week:

“The food was delicious but the atmosphere is what will always keep me going back. It’s a place where a family can feel safe. At no moment will I ever fear that I’ll be separated from my family so that we can be used as political pawns. It’s a place of kindness, morality and complete integrity. The management goes above and beyond to make its guests feel safe from bigotry and inhumane treatment. Don’t hesitate to book your reservation immediately. You will not regret it.”


Sadly, this seems so typical of the Left. Their notion of diversity is not that at all (as shown here); their version of inclusion is a banishment of ideas with which they disagree (please see more about that here); and the above reviewer’s brand of kindness and a lack of separation is the ugly treatment of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, separating her from short rib. And don’t forget the side of ignorance thrown in — family separation was not a Trump “policy” — it was the law, as begun by the Clinton administration, legislated by a Democratic Congress, and interpreted by a left-wing court during the Obama years (read more about that here and here).

Some love that The Red Hen booted Colonel Sanders. I mean, Sarah Sanders. Do-gooder Don Mandelkorn, to USA Today:

“I thought it was very brave what the owner did. We wanted to support the actions she took.”

Way to go, Left.

As one demonstrator told the news outlet, The Red Hen — and the liberals who have supported it — have really laid an egg:

“What happened to that lady — and I mean lady — should never happen to any human being. You can only take so much, and I’ve gotten to that point. You back up, you back up, you back up, eventually you’re against a wall. … [Black people in the past] were getting kicked out of places for the color of their skin, now we have people getting kicked out of restaurants for their political persuasion.”



Do you think the restaurant will thrive again? Will anti-discrimination protestors shut down the foul festivities? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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