WOW: Dana Loesch Obliterates CNN Trumpkin Kayleigh McEnany (VIDEO)

This may be difficult to watch if you’ve never witnessed a curb-stomping before. I was on Reliable Sources yesterday and was somewhat blindside by contributor Kayleigh McEnany who declared I and others who would not support Trump were not conservative. She even went on to question where I had been in previous fights, a question she might want to answer herself first.


My good friend Dana Loesch saw the exchange and went from amused, to mildly annoyed, to incensed on her radio show today as she threw the gauntlet down at the parroting of talking points by McEnany with Dana starting out her critique saying “Who the hell is this chick?”



Watch Dana’s show every day from 1-4PM EST for more awesomeness like this.

Right Scoop had the scoop on this but it must be seen by all. Please visit his site as well for tons of great video content.




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