How early will Trump cronyism start? How about now?

Check this out… Trump, Mr. “I’m Going To Shake Up Washington, But Not Really Because I Like Cutting Deals” apparently is already meeting with big cronies who are keen to advance their problematic agendas in the next Congress. Via Politico’s Morning Transportation:

A4A JOINS CONFAB WITH TRUMP: Airlines for America’s Nick Calio was among a number of representatives of interest groups who met in private with Donald Trump on Thursday, according to The New York Times… A spokesperson for A4A declined to comment on the topics discussed, writing in an email that Calio “regularly meets with leaders of industry, members of Congress, other elected officials, including those seeking office, about the airline industry and its importance to the economy and jobs.”

Who/what is A4A? It’s the airline industry group that’s been lobbying for a “reform” to the Federal Aviation Administration that allegedly would, among other things, hand regulatory control over the aviation sector to, well, the airline industry and also to airline industry unions.  It’s also the group for whom the girlfriend of one Rep. Bill Shuster, the author of a bill that appears to do exactly those things— as well as delegating away Congress’ taxing authority to said industry and union actors — lobbies. Don’t worry, she says she doesn’t lobby Shuster. But she and her staff apparently do lobby Donald Trump.

Expect a President Trump to be a regular attendee of crony meetings. I doubt he’ll even hide it. After all, he’s just makin’ deals.

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