Did Rubio & Cruz have a secret meeting today?

That’s the rumor right now.


This would be a dream come true for many who have landed in either (or both) camps in the last few weeks. If the results in South Carolina are any indication, the Truggernaut (Trump + juggernaut? Look, i’m trying here) will require the combined strength of others in order to be taken down.

There’s no doubt that passions are deep on both sides of the Cuban divide, but it seems that most, if not all, conservatives who actually care about conservatism (and not just a wall that won’t ever be built) look at a Trump nomination as the death knell for the Republican Party.

I’ve written about my unwillingness to vote for Trump. Other writers here have done so. National Review posted a manifesto declaring their opposition. Dana Loesch posted a scorching oppo piece on him the other day. Erick Erickson made clear that he’ll never pull the lever for him.

There’s never been a mutiny of this proportion in a primary election that I’m aware of. Basically we’re all tired of watching people battle for 2nd place when the worst thing to happen to Republicans since “The Half Hour News Hour” is looming large.


Worth noting that their talking points have already started to align.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have landed on the same talking point: that 70 percent of Republicans are consistently choosing someone other than Donald Trump.

Is it true? If so it would be unprecedented. But unprecedented has defined this election so far. So I’ll just put this out there and pray. As I’ve said before, any moment spent fighting each other is a moment not stopping Trump. Every dollar spent in opposition to anyone except Trump may as well be directed as a donation to his campaign.

We can fight over the immigration bill that didn’t pass 3 years ago later. Let’s deal with the nuclear bomb at the GOP’s doorstep first.

If they had such a meeting where they agreed to put aside their differences and focus on destroying Trump, would they even admit it? Who knows. But let’s hope so.


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