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Earlier this year saw the release of my film, Bankrupt: How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down Detroit. It was a few months of production but was really years in the making.


As a victim of the 2008 recession, I had lost everything financially speaking on the same timeline that GM & Chrysler had seen billions of dollars go towards bailing them out.

As my own companies went under and I spiraled into bankruptcy, I had to watch as billionaires begged the taxpayer to protect them from having to wear the same scarlett letter. It never sat well with me and so I watched over the years as the car companies came back with money they received on the promise of a revived Detroit.

And yet, Detroit still found itself in bankruptcy. So I made the film to tell the story of what brought her to that point and how these corporations had hoodwinked Americans into saving their skins by making promises about Detroit that they couldn’t keep.

Fast forward to today and Detroit is about to emerge from their bankruptcy. The story being told is that everything is new, and awesome, and things are going to be different this time.

But will they? There are already stories emerging of wasteful spending by city government. The blight and crime still plagues the city while basic services and police equipment remain in short supply.

So what does the future hold for Detroit? Can she pull out of this and return to her former glory?


As a filmmaker, I think it’s important to answer this question by getting on the ground and talking to the people that are there. This is what the Detroit Project is all about. A film that we are crowdsourcing (my first film was self-funded) in the hopes that shedding some sunlight on the city will assist in the turnaround everyone is wanting.

I can’t do this without help. There are only 10 days left for the fundraiser and we’re nowhere close to our goal. I’ve joined forces with the Moving Picture Institute, to make it so that any donations to the project are tax deductible and we’ve also lined up several perks that you can see on our page.

If you want to help please go to to donate and share.

We talk a lot in the conservative movement about taking back the culture. This is what that looks like. Even $5 helps immensely. Thank you in advance for your support.

Here’s the trailer for the project.



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