Republicans Need to Stay on Target

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A majority of what the Biden campaign, the Democrats in general, and their adjunct, the mainstream media, are going to be focused on for the final six months of the 2024 election cycle is portraying Donald Trump as the Devil himself. In other words, they are going to continue to portray him as a man who is a corrupt and crude barbarian crook who abuses women and hates minorities and wants to overthrow America’s democratic society in favor of a dictatorship.


Red State, May 17, 2024

In my last column, I focused on a minor (perhaps) mistake I made in my debate predictions. But the above is a prediction I got completely right.  

During the past week since I made this prediction, we have been inundated with a multitude of silly, minor attacks from the mainstream media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) about how Trump and other Republicans are the Devil.

  • Trump and the Third Term Scandal = In a speech, Donald Trump used language that clearly suggested he thought he had won the 2020 election, so if he won in 2024, he would have won three elections. The MSM then wrote hundreds of articles about how this indicated Trump’s mad desire to run for a third term in 2028, despite the fact that he would be 81 in 2028 and also despite the fact that the 22nd Amendment would have to be repealed for him to do so.  

  • The Trump Reich Scandal = A video made by a random person that was linked to by Trump’s account on his social media network included a reference – in small font in the far left – to a “unified Reich,” which the MSM claimed proved that Trump is a Nazi. This is despite the fact that the background is simply a template with old newspaper headlines, including the “unified Reich” headline, that you can buy online, which actually references the unification of Germany in 1871 (sixty years before the Nazis were in power). “Reich,” by the way, just means “empire” in German. 

  • The Alito Flags Scandal = Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito, a very nice and normally very respected conservative – whom I met when I worked on his 2006 nomination – and/or his wife are flying American historical flags that have somehow antagonized the left. The left is trying to connect these flags — and Sam Alito — to the January 6th “Insurrection,” where they say Donald Trump supposedly tried to overthrow the U.S. government. My RedState colleague Sister Toldjah has shredded this supposed “scandal.”   


As I said before, these small and silly attacks show that the Democrats/MSM are still working to keep their base in line voting for Democrats and in a total frenzy of hate towards Trump and other Republicans. (I have relatives who demonstrate this to me every time I interact with them.) That is only about 45 percent of the voters. The left can read the polling too, and they know that they are behind and that none of the big issues – like Biden’s senility, the economy and inflation, the border situation and illegal aliens, the world chaos, the Gaza-focused rioting in the U.S., the New York lawfare trial, and Biden’s corruption – are working for them. So, they do this, which is pretty much all they can do, and hope for an overreaction by the Trump campaign or other Republicans. The left is simply desperate at this point.

The correct response to this by the Trump campaign and other Republicans is to continue to target those big issues and to ignore this small stuff. Let conservatives in the media – like me – handle these debunkings.

We should all remember the climactic ending of "Star Wars – A New Hope," where the Rebel starfighters are making their final runs against the Death Star. First, Gold Squadron goes in; then Red Squadron, with the movie’s hero, Luke Skywalker. Each team flies down the narrow trench to fire at the tiny weak point of the Death Star.  As each team goes down the trench, they experience fierce cannon fire and vicious Tie Fighter attacks. Several of the pilots, including Gold Leader, panic about this and other things. But a grizzled veteran pilot, known by his call sign of Gold Five, is not perturbed. His capable advice to Gold Leader (which can be seen here) and to Red Squadron and Luke Skywalker is worth remembering now when the left is going overboard with their ridiculous small attacks on Donald Trump and other Republicans, which actually are distracting some Republicans:  


Gold Leader: I can’t maneuver!

Gold Five: Stay on target.

Gold Leader: We’re too close.

Gold Five: Stay on target.

Now, Gold Five doesn’t make it, but his calm, reassuring voice informs the other pilots, including Luke Skywalker, who does hit the Death Star in its weak point, destroying it and saving the galaxy.  

The Trump campaign needs to stay on target. They need to remain calm, and fire straight at the weak points of the Biden Death Star – Biden’s senility, the economy and inflation, the border situation and illegal aliens, the world chaos, the Gaza-focused rioting in the U.S., the New York lawfare trial, and Biden’s corruption. Everything else is just going to be a distraction.

Only then can we – to use the climatic line from the other main hero of Star Wars, Han Solo – “blow this thing (Biden’s presidency) and go home.”  


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