'Completely Stupid': NYT Ripped to Shreds After Another Bonkers 'Flag' Hit on Justice Samuel Alito

Erin Schaff/The New York Times via AP, Pool

As RedState's Jim Thompson reported Friday, the left's/media's assault on the Supreme Court continues, with the latest smear attempts now involving flags flown at the homes of conservative Justice Samuel Alito.


When last we left you, the New York Times reported on the "scandal" involving how, 11 days after the Capitol riot, an American flag was flown upside down in front of Alito's home. Alito's response was to note that "It was briefly placed by Mrs. Alito in response to a neighbor’s use of objectionable and personally insulting language on yard signs."

But that wasn't enough for The Usual Suspects including the NYT, who used the hit piece to try and discredit/disqualify Alito from the Supreme Court by insinuating the upside-down flag - which they said was a "Stop the Seal" symbol, made him ethically compromised. 

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Here we are again, and not even a week after that story went live we have another flag-related hit piece on Alito, this time related to one that allegedly has been flown at his beach house. This is the flag:

It, too, is "linked to Jan. 6," they say, and as a result, this is - in their (insinuated) view - further confirmation that Alito is unfit to serve on any case related to the Capitol riot:


Three photographs obtained by The New York Times, along with accounts from a half-dozen neighbors and passers-by, show that the Appeal to Heaven flag was aloft at the Alito home on Long Beach Island in July and September of 2023. A Google street view image from late August also shows the flag.

The photographs, each taken independently, are from four different dates. It is not clear whether the flag was displayed continuously during those months or how long it was flown overall.

Three, count 'em, three bylines were on this story.

As one might imagine, this story set people off - against the Times:


They do this with every flag conservatives fly. I remember all the fretting and gnashing of teeth every time the Gadsden flag was flown at a conservative rally. You'd have thought we were on the precipice of the next Civil War with the way they breathlessly reported on it.

I mean, come to think about it, the good ol' American flag flown the way it normally is flown is "associated" with Jan. 6, too, so I guess everyone flying it should be considered a wannabe insurrectionist or something according to the NYT's "standards."

This is so freakin' tiresome but it's just who they are - water carriers for the Democratic Party and their woke agenda. 

Anyone wondering why trust in the mainstream media is at all-time lows can look to this story as a shining example of why. "Pathetic" doesn't seem to quite cover it, but it's the best I've got right now.

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