Can Biden Bounce Back? (Part III)

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For further review, see Part I and Part II

Election Fraud

Perhaps the most controversial asset the Biden campaign has is his use of election fraud. Just mentioning this topic is enough to get some commentators canceled. But, nevertheless, it exists.  

I can say this with certainty, considering my experiences as a Republican with elections in Pennsylvania. I well remember the Philadelphia state Senate race that the Democrats stole through massive absentee ballot fraud, when control of the Pennsylvania Senate was on the line. I well remember that former Democrat U.S. Congressman Michael Myers was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to orchestrating schemes to fraudulently stuff the ballot boxes for specific Philadelphia Democrat candidates in the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 elections. (Here are some more incidents from Pennsylvania.) And I remember the concerns that we in the campaigns of U.S. Senators Rick Santorum and Arlen Specter had about Philadelphia providing additional (and imaginary) votes for our Democrat opponents.  

Nationally, here are just some examples of election fraud cases that have been pursued and verified in recent years.  

Post-2020, many allegations were made by the Trump campaign of election fraud. In all the legal cases, however, the courts shut down the Trump campaign’s arguments, although almost never on the merits of the argument, but based simply on standing or mootness.

The real problem is that the election fraud that exists is hard to deal with.  

(T)here is no effective after-the-fact remedy for voter fraud. Once ballots are cast and counted, the game is over. Recounts will only tabulate the same fraudulent ballots a second time. Litigation can’t possibly succeed in the time available, 2 1/2 months from Election Day to Inauguration. Voter fraud that is successfully carried out on a mass scale cannot be undone. The only effective approach is to tighten up procedures to prevent fraud from happening in the first place. (This is why Democrats fight tooth and nail against voter ID requirements and all other election security measures.)

But the use of election fraud is no guarantee of success by its wielders. If it were, there never would have been a Republican president for the past (almost) one hundred years (since the 1930’s).  

And once again, Trump’s polling is much better than it was in 2016 or 2020. If the race isn’t close, then the election fraud won’t be enough.

Government Action: Bribery, Lawfare, and Weaponization

Joe Biden is using government: (a) monies to bribe voters, (b) prosecutors to prosecute his opponent, and (c) officials to go after his opponent and his opponents’ allies, while simultaneously protecting Biden and his allies. Here, Biden is simply following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who bribed voters with such things as the "Obama phone," used the State Department to escape blame in the Benghazi attack, spied on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign (does anyone wonder if Obama also spied on Mitt Romney?), and sicced the IRS on his conservative opponents.  

And leftist Democrats at all levels have used lawfare against Republicans for decades – see Raymond Donovan, Scooter Libby, Bob McDonnell, and Mike Flynn.  

There is no doubt that “Joe Biden is trying to buy his reelection with tax dollars, half of them extracted from voters who oppose him.” He is using the Fed and interest rates, and also the federal dollars that were handed out by his American Rescue Plan and Inflation Reduction Act. He has also signed a sweeping Executive Order that mandates that every single federal agency register and mobilize voters with the express intent of increasing election participation among minority groups that tend to vote disproportionately Democrat.  

Then there is the lawfare. There are two federal and two state cases that have targeted Donald Trump – one case in Washington DC, one in Miami, FL, one in Atlanta, GA, and one in New York, NY. Trump has been indicted a total of 91 times.  All his prosecutors are Democrat partisans (and all are directed by the Biden campaign); Jack Smith, the federal prosecutor, has a history of unfairly targeting a popular Republican for non-crimes, which prompted the Supreme Court to reject that Smith prosecution 9 to 0. Also, there have been two civil cases against Trump, both in New York, and both of which resulted in heavy financial penalties for Donald Trump, presumably seeking to deplete his resources for the 2024 election.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, things have not worked out very well for their lawfare cases. In Miami, the only non-biased judge has indefinitely postponed the case from being tried before the election. In Atlanta, the Democrat prosecution has been sidelined because the prosecutor paid her boyfriend hundreds of thousands of dollars, which he then used to take both of them on vacation. And the other federal case has been languishing in the Supreme Court.

The only case that has actually gone forward is the New York prosecution, where, as I said before, there is no actual crime, and even if there were a crime, it would still be all about sex. It is a legal joke of a case, of which Law Professor Jonathan Turley has said, “An honest judge (sh)ould have no alternative but to grant a motion for a directed verdict and end the case before it goes to the jury.” I predicted before that the case would not undermine but would, instead, help Trump politically; and, indeed, that is what is happening. Trump has actually flipped the adversity of this case into free media hits worth almost $2 billion. And the national polling has shown how successful this has been for Trump; even CNN has been forced to acknowledge this fact.  

At this point, the Democrats can only hope that a conviction by the biased jury will “save” them. But it won’t, in reality, because the case still stinks to high heaven, and if Trump is imprisoned, he could very well win the presidency from a jail cell in New York (see Eugene Debs).  

Finally, there is government weaponization. In tandem with the election rigging, the Biden administration has acted to coerce large companies, namely Facebook, Google, and Amazon, to censor books, videos, posts, and other content online, trying to suppress conservative/Republican information. Biden has also authorized the IRS to go after his opponent, Donald Trump, for $100 million after a government audit. Also, the FBI seems to be targeting MAGA types to investigate, and for at least a time, was targeting conservative parents who objected to woke policies put into place by school boards. And recently, the Biden Department of Justice blocked the release of the former special counsel Robert Hur’s interview with Biden, which likely shows Biden is senile. The administration incorrectly claimed executive privilege for doing so, but it also admitted it was doing it for political reasons.

Expect the Democrats to go all out this year with illegal government actions to assist the Biden campaign. But, once again, they also worked this angle in 2016 and 2020, and unlike those election years, this time, Donald Trump is leading in the national polling by a few points — and by even more in the battleground states. Plus, unlike in prior years, Trump and the Republicans have been shining the bright light of sunshine on this illegal government action. So, I don’t expect Democrat use of illegal government actions to be successful in the end.  

Propaganda that Trump Is the Devil and the Latest Trump “Scandal” 

A majority of what the Biden campaign, the Democrats in general, and their adjunct, the mainstream media, are going to be focused on for the final six months of the 2024 election cycle is portraying Donald Trump as the Devil himself. In other words, they are going to continue to portray him as a man who is a corrupt and crude barbarian crook who abuses women and hates minorities and wants to overthrow America’s democratic society in favor of a dictatorship. They do this for two reasons: (1) to keep their Democrat and Never Trump Republican base in line, and (2) because they also believe their own propaganda. As Eric Hoffer wrote, every successful mass movement needs not believe in a god, but it must believe in a devil, to whom is attributed nearly supernatural powers of evil. We can expect these Democrat base voters to be incited into a complete frenzy by the end of the campaign. (This is not good for the health of the country, btw.)

So, every few weeks or so, to keep things fresh, the Democrats (etc.) will bring up the latest supposed Trump “scandal.” They often concentrate on Trump’s language – “he said vermin!” – or remove the context of a statement – as in when Trump referenced a “bloodbath.” They have used these language scandals to depict Trump as a potential dictator-for-life (despite having left the presidency in 2021), a Nazi (despite Nazis being socialists who hate Jews), a racist (despite a decades-long real estate career in New York working with all sorts of minorities without any real allegations of racism), an antisemite (despite having a Jewish daughter and grandchildren) and many other ridiculous things.  

There is really nothing new about any of this. The Democrats have used this type of propaganda against every Republican candidate for the presidency since the New Deal. For example, Mitt Romney – now their favorite Republican – was painted as a homophobe, a cold-blooded killer businessman, and a racist; according to Joe Biden, Romney was going to put African Americans “back in chains.”  Another example – the Democrats portrayed George W. Bush as a president who lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq because he was an evil oil man who greedily wanted his oil buddies to make a quick buck or two, regardless of the American soldiers who died for his lies. This is simply how the modern Democrat Party campaigns for the presidency in the modern era.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, while these attacks will maintain their base, they are very unlikely to bring in swing voters. Thus, they will most likely not be a silver bullet for the Democrats in 2024. Why? Because the left has forgotten the lesson of the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” No one who is not already motivated to hate Trump is listening to them anymore because their earlier assertions were not grounded in fact, and it has become so obvious to objective observers that they cannot be trusted on the subject matter of Donald Trump. At this point, if Donald Trump stood in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot somebody, no swing voters would trust any claims made about this incident coming from Democrats or the mainstream media. 


No Presidential election is ever over until the fat lady sings on a Tuesday in November. However, with that said, Joe Biden is now the distinct underdog for the election of 2024. He can still come back to win, but will almost certainly require some degree of luck to do so, either a major outside event or a huge error by the Trump campaign.  

His polling is horrible, and those six problems I mentioned earlier are heavy anchors around Biden’s neck, seemingly dragging him down inexorably.

In 2024, Donald Trump should become only the second candidate to win two non-consecutive presidential terms. So I have written, and so it should come to pass.  

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