BREAKING: Roy Moore Says He Has Evidence of "Collusion" Regarding WaPo Story on Sex Allegations

Judge Roy Moore told Sean Hannity in a radio interview this afternoon, unequivocally, that he did nothing wrong.

We have some transcripts available here.

One thing he said that is new and about which he didn’t offer much detail, is that they (his campaign) are conducting their own investigation. He also claims they already have evidence of collusion. But he says he’s not ready to release it yet.


“If you step aside for any allegation then you mmight as well not run, because you’re gonna get allegations. First, I would tell these [REPUBLICANS LIKE MCCAIN AND ROMNEY] they wouldn’t make good judges, they wouldn’t make good, uh, people in the judicial system, because you are innocent until proven guilty. In this case, this woman has waited over forty years to bring a complaint, four weeks out of an election. It’s obvious to the casual observer that something’s up. We’re also doing an investigation and we have some evidence of collusion here but we’re not ready to put that to the public yet.”

It is not immediately clear what “collusion” means here.

We will have more when it is available.


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