Whither Thou Goest, Republicans? GOP Does Disappearing Act After Trump Presser

Aside from the notable exceptions we’ve … noted here at RedState, there has been a distinct and noticeable lack of Republicans around and about the last two days. It’s a veritable GOP Ghost Town in the media, and people are pointing it out.


55! Amanda Carpenter brought it up on CNN last night.

CARPENTER: I think everybody has a different line, and there’s a big difference between somebody, say, working for Rick Perry at the Department of Energy versus someone personally assisting Donald Trump in the White House and getting his message out. I’m a communications person. I could not defend someone who I know would not defend me. I would not go to work for someone who is not upholding the ideals of this country.

So I think there’s a laser focus in particular on people who chose to work with Donald Trump on message. Like a Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Like the women at the RNC right now who — I haven’t seen out today. Funny how they’re not out there today. The people who sign up to defend Trump I want to see them on T.V. right now. I want to see how you do this. Because right now they’re hiding out. Your job is to get his message out, so let’s see it. I think they’re afraid, and if you’re afraid to do your job that is the time to walk out.

DON LEMON: Gloria both of us, I’ve gotta run, but both of us have been on television a lot today and I have not seen many republicans sitting next to me or in these little boxes, in these satellite boxes.

GLORIA BORGER: That’s what I was going to say


Time to show us what you got, defenders. It’s now or never.

PS I’m fine with never.



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