BREAKING: Another GOP Office Vandalized [VIDEO]

In three recent incidents, one arrest has been made. There was the firebombing in North Carolina, the burglary in San Antonio, and today news that last week, an Indiana GOP office was attacked with bricks.

Here’s the Fox News report:


Signs for Trump and Rep. Todd Young were hanging in the window of the Delaware County office on Oct. 8 when landscaping bricks were tossed through the windows, shattering them, officials said in a Facebook post.

Officials said it would cost about $1,200 to replace the window and those interested in helping defray the cost could donate online.

Here is the referenced Facebook post.

It has been said a hundred times already on social media, but I’m going to say it again. We’d be seeing huge, hand-wringing, frantic coverage on the cable networks if three DNC offices were hit. If someone gets a little too grabby in a grocery store within a quarter mile of a Planned Parenthood office the press is there in force. But for the GOP offices, no calls for national dialog. No arm-in-arm grandstanding on the Capitol steps.

Here in North Carolina, the Democrats raised money to repair the firebombed GOP campaign office. I think our NC Republican part would have done the same in the reverse.

But that doesn’t change the furor, or lack thereof, when GOP offices are targeted.

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