Determined to Murder Cops in Baton Rouge: This Week's Attack Echoes Last Week's Plot

They are still tallying up the violence and death in Baton Rouge, Louisiana today, as what appears to be multiple shooters have killed what appears to be multiple police officers in an ambush style attack. For anyone who follows the news, this immediately brings to mind the details of a plot uncovered just a week ago to do exactly that: murder cops.


From WBRZ via Joe Cunningham:

“This was substantial, credible information that we received that was going to cause harm to police officers in the Baton Rouge are,” State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson said at a press conference Tuesday evening.

Monday, federal authorities raided a home in Old South Baton Rouge. A WBRZ news crew recorded video of agents with the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, sheriff’s deputies and Baton Rouge Police going through the home a block off Highland Road. The homeowner said one weapon was removed from the home, and confirmed he was questioned by authorities. The person living there said he was letting someone live at the home for free and that person was gone when the home was raided Monday shortly after 5 p.m. A source close to the investigation said the person who was staying at the home was later arrested. The suspect’s name was not immediately available.

The source, who asked not to be identified, said the authorities were working leads on a Government Street pawn shop burglary that happened after Sterling was shot and killed by police in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, July 5. Eight weapons were stolen, and Thomas, who was apprehended at the scene, told investigators during questions that the guns and ammunition were stolen to be able to shoot and kill police during protests. Six of the guns have been recovered, however police are still working to recover the remaining two.


There was determination to murder police officers in Baton Rouge. There were plots, and now there is death. It’s hard not to think of the former now that we are watching the latter happen.


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