Contrary to NBC's Awful Article, Rep. Cummings Got His ASSessment Handed to Him at Comey Hearing (VIDEO)

This article from NBC News could not be a more steaming pile of biased, mischaracterized, choreographed, deliberate misdirection about today’s congressional hearing unless it were literally written, directed, filmed, and produced by Michael Moore. And for all we know, it will be.

Specifically, this total glossing over of Rep. Cummings’ appearance:

But Rep. Elijah Cummings. a Maryland Democrat, defended Comey, telling him he had a “thankless task.” He noted that just days ago the GOP was praising his “integrity.”

“There’s no recommendation you could have made that would not have been criticized,” Cummings said. “I firmly believe that your decision was not based on convenience, but on conviction.”

Cummings also slapped his Republican colleagues for continuing to use taxpayer money to investigate allegations “that have already been debunked.”

“Honestly I would not be surprised if the Republicans set up a new committee to investigate why the FBI” did not charge Clinton, Cummings said.

Oh how utterly heroic. Oh what utter crap. In reality, like all of the other Dem phonies that acted dishonestly today, Rep. Cummings was te one who got “slapped”, and easily, after trying to create the impression that there is nothing to see here. The assessment of the facts he tried to sneak through was promptly shoved his face by Rep. John Duncan.


It’s all about the question you ask. Rep. Cummings tried to make it sound small and inconsequential and easily overlooked by referring to a small part of the litany of gross misconduct that Comey himself already put on the record, both today and in yesterday’s statement. Rep. Duncan brought it right back on track by pointing out just a few of the many ways in which Hillary disregarded the law. And separately Rep. Buck from Colorado added an awesome assist.

The NBC “News” article, if you can stomach it, is worth reading just to see the totally obvious spin that is being put on this thing and presented as fact by “legit” journalism. That’s what people read. And you wonder why regular people get things wrong? This is why.

Oh, and as for that tripe about wasting tax money? The only time Democrats care one bit about whether they’re spending too much tax money is when it’s being spent exposing them to the light of day and in the interest of transparency.

So, yeah, shutty.