BREAKING: State Department Reopens Hillary Email Investigation

Just in: The AP reports that the State Department is reopening their investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

The State Department is reopening an internal investigation of possible mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton and top aides.

Spokesman John Kirby says the emails probe is restarting now that the Justice Department isn’t pursuing a criminal prosecution. The State Department suspended its review in April to avoid interfering with the FBI’s inquiry.

Kirby set no deadline for the investigation’s completion.

Oh we know the deadline, Kirby. They have to complete the whitewash before the election, you see. As Iowahawk put it on Twitter:

They are theoretically looking into mishandling of classified information. We know now from Comey’s statements and testimony that such mishandling absolutely took place. But will anyone be punished?

From the AP:

“There could be repercussions,” Kirby told reporters Wednesday, saying infractions identified would be kept on file. If someone’s security clearance is taken away, he said it would have an effect “assuming that individual still needed the clearance to work in another federal agency or something like that.”

But before you get your hopes up (ha!), he was talking about her aides in that bit.