BREAKING: Gunman Opened Fire in German Cinema Complex, Took Hostages, 25 Injured

*this story has been updated since first published.*

German newspapers Bild and Der Spiegel are reporting that a “heavily armed” opened fire in a crowded theater near Hessen in Viernheim, Germany and is now in a stand-off with police. The gunman took hostages, but was later killed in a police operation using tear gas. Twenty-five people have been injured, but it is not clear how many were suffering from tear gas after the SEK, a German SWAT unit, stormed the Kinopolis complex and took out the hostage-taker.

Bild reports it is possible the gunman fired his weapon only in the air.

He was “heavily armed,” and masked, and was wearing a “cartridge belt over his shoulder” according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine. We will update this post with information if it becomes available.

UPDATE: Tear gas has been deployed.

UPDATE 2: No other media reporting it yet, but L’essential is reporting that a local German television station

UPDATE 3: The 25 wounded may be suffering from a tear gas attack rather than gunshots. Some German media reporting the shooter is now in custody.

UPDATE 4: U.S. officials in Germany have confirmed that the shooter has been killed.

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