#NeverTrump Senator Ben Sasse Smeared by Bad Reporting on Democrat Filibuster

Last night, Breitbart.com reported that Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska took to the floor and “filibustered with the Democrats” in an effort to bring about new gun control legislation. Fox News less directly reported what sounded like participation from Sen. Sasse:


“Murphy kept up his filibuster to a mostly empty chamber, save for 38 Democratic senators who joined him and made their own speeches throughout the day. Two Republican senators, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, also made remarks

Guns.com reported as well that “during the filibuster, no less than 37 Democrats tapped in and spoke on the subject of gun control, joined by two Republicans — Sens. Ben Sasse of Nebraska…”

In fact there are numerous such reports, not to mention angry condemnations on social media . (And conversely, many positive ones from liberals.) But did Sasse join the Democrats? See for yourself:

Of course he didn’t. He asked a question. A question.

And he even addressed the rumors on Twitter here. And reporters who were watching knew exactly what side Sasse was on:

RedState reached out to Senator Sasse’s office and we received this statement from a spokesperson:

“Senator Sasse is not supportive. He went to the floor to ask a question about what exactly his Democratic colleagues are referring to when they say ‘the’ watch list — there isn’t a single list — and whether or not they have concerns about citizens due process for ending up on such lists.”


Sen. Sasse is avowed #NeverTrump. How interesting that he’s been smeared as being with Democrats on gun control by Trump-loving outlets. By the Trump fans in their comments section. By Trump fans on Twitter. Especially since it is their man-god who is actually with Democrats on this. It’s almost like they’re deflecting, isn’t it?

But whatever the reason for the bad reporting, Senator Sasse didn’t join a Democrat filibuster. He didn’t back the Dem play. Sorry, #AlwaysWrong .. err, I mean #AlwaysTrump. That’s just not what happened.

Oh and by the way? It was a damn good question. There is no “terror watch list.” There is, however, the Terrorist Screening Database. It has many lists. Which do the Democrats mean? How will they protect due process? Who is going to ask them these questions, the press? Not a chance.

Someone needs to make the Democrats answer actual questions about their disregard for the law and the constitution. Thanks, Senator Sasse!


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