CONSEQUENCES: Rasmussen Poll Shows Clinton Increasing Lead Over Trump Post-Curiel Debacle

The latest national poll from Rasmussen shows Hillary opening up her lead over Trump following a week of controversy for the Donald and primary victory for Clinton.

Clinton now has a 4 point lead over Trump. Previously she had a one point lead, and prior to that, was trailing.


Here’s more from Rasmussen:

Clinton now earns 74% of the vote from Democrats, up from 68% last week, suggesting that some of Bernie Sanders’ support may be moving her way now that their primary battle is over. Trump has the backing of 72% of Republicans, down from 76% in the previous survey. It remains to be seen whether these are developing trends.

But Clinton has lost ground among voters not affiliated with either major party and is now essentially tied with Trump among this group.

This is the second time that polling has shown a third party or independent candidate can hurt Hillary as much as it can hurt Trump. Democrats have managed to consolidate around a teremendously weak candidate, and one that even the White House admits is under criminal investigation on the same day the President endorsed her.

On the other hand, while voters claim that “Trump University” will not impact their vote, it is not hard to see that Donald’s remarks about the case, and the condemnations from pretty much every non-Trumpist part of the universe, didn’t play well for him. The constant flow of stupid, easily avoidable public ass-showing is going to continue to hit Trump where it hurts: in poll numbers.

It’s close. Darn close. But Hillary leads. From now until the election, Rasmussen will do once a week polling. We’ll be watching the trends.

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