This Is The Dumbest, Fakest, Didn't Happenest Thing Hillary Ever Said

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign event, Saturday, April 2, 2016, in Eau Claire, Wis. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Let’s skip the intro and get down to the brass tacks here. In an interview with New York Magazine, Hillary Clinton said this:

The sexism is less virulent now than it was in 2008, she said, but still she encounters people on rope lines who tell her, “=‘I really admire you, I really like you, I just don’t know if I can vote for a woman to be president.’ I mean, they come to my events and then they say that to me.”


Here are the five things that make this fake.
1) I really admire you.
2) I really like you.
3) I just don’t know if I can vote for a woman.
4) They say that to me.
5) [Hillary] said.

Can there be anything less believable than this supposed thing that people say to her? Who is saying that? Who are we to believe is saying to Hillary Clinton from a rope line at her events “I really like you but except for lady parts”??

This is straight up nonsense. But it gets worse. Here is what the interviewer writes:

But, she maintains, “Unpacking this, understanding it, is for writers like you. I’m just trying to cope with it. Deal with it. Live through it.”

Here, Clinton laughed, as if living through it were a hilarious punch line.

Oh gosh doesn’t that make you ache for her? Doesn’t your heart just bleed? Yahoo has an article posted today that elaborates on the interview, discussing why men fear the ambition of women. I’m serious. They are acting like this is A) real and B) a truly heinous thing that Hillary Clinton must suffer through.


Sometimes, even after all this time, I just can’t believe the state of our politics and our media. Come on, sweet meteor of death. We all know you’re headed this way. Hurry up already.


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