Romney SHREDS Flip-Flop Trump: Refusal to Release Tax Info "DISQUALIFIES" Him for President

Mitt Romney has found a fighting spirit many of wish he’d had a few years ago. But better late than never, I say. Today, he set fire to Donald Trump over his recent total reversal of previous promises in stating that people who want to see his tax records can suck it. (Paraphrase.) Here’s Romney’s full post.


There really isn’t much to add to that, except to say it’s utterly correct in every regard. Trump is trying to pull a fast one, again. Anyone who calls him out on it is fine by me.

Trumpies will laugh at the messenger, as they always do, but will have no reponse on the substance. Just watch them on social media. It will be all about how Romney is bad, and no substantive defense of Trump. And keep in mind, these are the same voters who are fully bought in on class warfare and Occupy Wall Street talking points. The same voters cheering for taxing the rich. The same voters trashing the wealthy. You know, Hillary Bernie Trump voters.

They’ll let the (Orange) Golden Calf get away with anything. Anything at all. Even shooting someone in the face. As he himself pointed out.


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