WATCH: Protesters Bring Trump Motorcade to Halt, Force Donald to HOP BARRIER to Get To His Own Speech

The California Republican Party convention is underway in Burlingame, and the first speaker of the day is Donald Trump. Protesters were out in force, both along his route from the airport and outside and inside the hotel. San Francisco station KPIX was live from a traffic copter as Trump’s motorcade approached the hotel and caught the moments when he was diverted from the usual entrance, parked well outside the hotel, and had to hoof it up a hill and past the garbage to get inside due to the protests.

Watch, via KPIX and CNN:

Did you see him hop the barrier or wall or something? He had to climb over something to get to where he wanted to be. I’m just saying, it’s like, irony.

The KPIX reporters, who you can’t hear in the above clip, said that he appeared to be headed to the front entrance and was diverted because of the protests. As the CNN report notes, this was obviously not his intended entrance.

Around front, where the protesters were waiting, they could be seen throwing eggs toward the hotel. It was not clear from the report if they were hitting anyone, but the crowd was unruly but not riotous. Riot police were on scene, however. Trump’s entrance through the back is unlikely to break up their nasty enthusiasm at this point.

Come on, California. Really? You’ll see more of this, Republicans, no matter who the nominee is. And maybe more frequently at even non-Presidential race events. The left has their dander up.

h/t Mediaite

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