Presidential? Trump Goes Back to Canadian AND Cuban Birthering on Cruz JUST THIS MORNING! [VIDEO]

Just today in Waterbury, Connecticut, he who cannot help himself doubled up on birtherism, attackin Ted Cruz as a Canadian and a Cuban in a single nasty little sentence. The kind he can’t, won’t, and will never be able to stop making. Because he is arrogant, a jerk, and simply can’t help himself.

Rafael! Straight out of the hills of Canada. Four years in Canada. Was a Canadian citizen until 14, 15 months ago.

He goes on and on over it. In fact the entire two minutes of this video are him being a ridiculous clown. He even brags that he has the blood pressure of a “great, great athlete who is twenty years old.” Utter. Buffoon.

I can be Presidential, he says. It’s easy, he says. Ha! This is what you would see from Trump as President. A childish, loudmouth, reactionary, stupid, walking butthole.

Presidential. Give me a break.

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