Ted Cruz's Twitter Game is Strong, and this BURN is Beautiful

Donald Trump’s Twitter is invaluable. Not as in, his tweets are of value, but as in, it’s an invaluable way to see what a tool he is. On the other, Ted Cruz’s Twitter game is on point. This is just perfect:

That. Is. AWESOME. He is of course referring to Trump’s politically correct, New York Values position on the bathroom issue that is becoming a true dividing line in America.

The burn is so beautiful because it hits Trump’s core appeal, it does it an understated, but direct way, and when you first see it on your timelines (as opposed to, say, in a blog post), your reaction takes a second. That’s impact, message, and delivery. It’s perfect.

Susan’s article here explains in detail the two positions of the two men.

The second I saw this tweet I thought “oh SNAP”. It’s perfect. Well done, Senator Cruz. Again.

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