Giuliani Wants It Clear: He'll VOTE For Trump, He Will NOT Work With Trump's Campaign

The reaction to Mayor Rudy Giuliani saying that he would support and vote for Trump last week was practically tidal. Every Trump website screamed the false headline “Giuliani Endorses Trump.” The general consensus being that this is a huge deal and Rudy loves Trump and ZOMG! AND K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

But not exactly though. The Mayor stopped short of endorsing and, in an interview with CNN on Tuesday posted by Mediaite, made it PERFECTLY CLEAR that he is not with, or associated with, or working for, or even familiar with Trump’s campaign. Smart move, considering … reasons.

“I’ll do whatever they want me to do,” says the Mayor, before saying that he won’t endorse him officially because he doesn’t want to be sent out to speak for Trump. And for all the minimal praise he heaps on Trump personally, the best exchange in the clip is this:

Cuomo: Do you have concerns?
Giuliani: Sure!

He then runs down a laundry list of things Trump is dead wrong about.

As tightrope walking goes, you gotta give Giuliani an A for effort. He wants to praise and condemn. But in execution a C+ at best. He wants Trump to like him. He just doesn’t seem to like Trump. Or anything Trump thinks. Or Trump’s staff. Or the way Trump is running his campaign.

But hey keep touting it as an endorsement, Trump fans. You look totally honest.

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