Nikki Haley Tells SC Crowd Rubio's Campaign Looks Like 'A Benetton Commercial'


GREENVILLE, SC – At a Marco Rubio campaign event on Thursday in Greenville, South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley appeared on stage with the Senator as well as Senator Tim Scott and Congressman Trey Gowdy. At the end of Rubio’s remarks, Gov. Haley took the microphone and said something the Ann Coulters of the world will certainly be scummy about:


“Take a picture of this because the new group of conservatives that’s taking over America looks like a Benetton commercial!”

If you’re young, the United Colors of Benetton commercials were famous for their diversity. Diversity is a bad word if you’re a Trump supporter, and a bludgeon if you’re a Democrat, but in reality it just means that there are people in America who choose their politics based on a common belief rather than a common skin tone.

Nikki Haley’s point is obvious. You can feel free and comfortable supporting a Republican, no matter what your heritage. That’s not a wrong message, it’s a right one. It’s a Right one. And unlike Ann Coulter or other Trump xenophobes, it’s something we should not be afraid of pointing out.

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